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10 Awesome Custom Back Patches

Need some inspiration for your organization’s newest apparel? Check out these amazing custom back patches!

What’s not to like about custom back patches? They’re big, they’re bold, and whether you’re part of a sports team or a motorcycle club, a custom back patch can be the perfect unifying symbol for your organization.

Who Wears Custom Back Patches? 

Custom back patches can be worn by just about anyone, but both motorcycle clubs and athletic teams (i.e. letterman jackets) almost always sport back patches on their club uniforms. Most back patches are around 12 inches (one foot) wide, but size can vary. 

On that note, fashion brands often use custom back patches as well. Because these patches are so large, they’re naturally eye-catching and provide plenty of space for vibrant, varied color schemes and intricate designs. If you want to give your design plenty of breathing room, and you really want to catch a viewer’s eye, nothing gives you more room to do that than a custom back patch.

Some Inspo for Your Custom Back Patch 

We’ve created thousands of custom back patches at The/Studio. Here are some of our favorite custom back patches of all time: 

10. Nothing says “best friends” like a custom best friend back patch!

custom best friend patch

9. Large and in charge, a wolf patch is always a good idea.

custom wolf patch

8. This patch says it all and then some!  

middle finger patch

7. Just like wolves, skulls are an aggressive, eye-catching symbol. Perfect for back patches! 

custom skull head patch

6. Angelic, but with an edge!  

custom angel wings

5. We had to have another skull design on our list, and grim reapers are just par for the course.

custom grim reaper patch

4. Fierce!

custom tiger patch

3. No matter what state you’re from, a state patch is a solid idea for your bottom rocker.

custom state of Massachusetts patch

2. The bald eagle is an American classic. What’s not to like? 

custom eagle patch

1. All back patches are great, but military veteran patches stand out from the pack. We’ve made hundreds of these, and it’s always an honor.  

custom veteran patch

Time to Create Your Own Custom Back Patch 

When you work with The/Studio to create a custom back patch, you get the best of both worlds. When you marry your one-of-a-kind design with our patchmaking expertise, you get the ultimate custom back patch. Remember, even if you don’t have a design in mind, you can easily work with one of our Creative Specialists to create one!

Our Recommendations for Your Back Patches

At the end of the day, your back patch design is totally up to you! Maybe you don’t want to follow the standard size, backing, embroidery coverage, or base material. But we’ve made thousands upon thousands of back patches, so we do know a thing or two about the design choices that work best. Here are our recommendations!


We recommend 12 inches for a back patch. Too much smaller than that, and your patch will be more of a standard patch and less of a “back” patch. Too much bigger, and you run the risk of your patch not fitting your jacket properly.

Type of Patch 

You can choose between any of our seven types of custom patches, but the most popular option for a back patch is embroidered patches. These are “classic” patches, made with fabric backing and textured threading. They’re thick, they look and feel high-quality, and they can support designs with more than nine different colors.

Embroidery Coverage 

If you do choose an embroidered patch, we recommended 100% embroidery coverage for a large back patch.


Sew-in backing is ideal for back patches, especially if you are going to adhere the patch to a hardy material, like a leather jacket or vest.

Base Material 

If you choose 100% embroidery coverage, you will have to choose polyester blend twill as your base. This is the best choice!

Special Options 

We offer a plethora of special options to choose from, and basically, anything goes when it comes to choosing special options for back patches. Your choice will depend on how you want your back patch to come out. Now, get started!

Create Your Custom Back Patches Today

Still not sure? With The/Studio you enjoy the following: 

  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Highest quality product on the market
  • Knowledgeable Creative Specialists
  • Years of custom merch experience  




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