10 Inspirational Businesses Selling Patches On Etsy

If you’re in two minds about whether or not you should start a patch business, then we’re here to inspire you to take that leap of faith. Etsy, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, is home to many successful patch businesses that are thriving and making a name for themselves. We’ve curated a list of 10 inspirational businesses that are selling patches on Etsy, so read on if you need that extra push to sell custom patches online.

Selling Patches on Etsy

Why Should I Sell Patches on Etsy?

Of all the products you could sell on Etsy, why are patches such a good option? There are plenty of reasons why patches are an awesome product to sell on Etsy. They’re currently trending, they have a low cost of production, and it’s so easy to get creative and design something unique. But in our opinion, the biggest advantage that patches have over other products is that they are so incredibly easy to ship.

Shipping is a pain for most businesses. Many companies agonize over whether they should include shipping costs in their product prices or offer free shipping. One way to minimize the headache of shipping is to sell lightweight, flat items that are easy and cheap to ship! And what fits the bill better than patches? You can easily package them in an envelope and send them out to customers at a low cost. As such, they typically don’t cost more than the price of posting a letter, which is great for both you and your customers.

10 Patch Businesses Thriving on Etsy

If you’ve always wanted to start a custom patch business but weren’t sure it was a viable option, these 10 businesses on Etsy will show you that it’s possible to turn your passion into profit.

1. I Like Sara

iLikeSara Patches On Etsy

Founded by artist Sara, this Denver-based gem is a charming example of an Etsy shop. She’s turned her whimsical nature-themed drawings into a variety of delightful products. Her line includes bandanas, tea towels, keyrings, and of course, patches! The lucky rabbit patch is one of her best sellers, with over 2,000 sales so far. Her other popular patches include a detailed cicada line drawing and a good luck horseshoe. It’s clear her store is thriving, and she’s able to command a fair price point, selling most of her Etsy custom patches for $7 each.

She’s managed to corner a niche with her nature-inspired designs and hand-drawn aesthetic. This is something that Etsy shoppers really appreciate. Her designs are unique and appealing, and her patches can be ironed on. This makes it easy for her customers to customize their bags and clothing with her cute designs. With over 3,000 sales, it’s clear that people love Sara’s Etsy patches.

2. Redstone Creative


Run by a California designer, Redstone Creative has made over 22,000 sales since its launch in 2017. This thriving Etsy business sells everything from home decor and hats to kitchenware and stickers, but their largest product collection is their highly rated embroidered patches. With many of their designs based on the theme of Second Amendment rights paired with African American and female empowerment, Redstone Creative has been able to tap into a niche market and provide unique, creative products that carry a strong message.

Thousands of their customers have left rave reviews, with their gun-toting Betty Boop proving one of their most popular patches. Priced at around $7.22 and above, their patches are high-quality and detailed, featuring designs that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

3. Kate O’Hara Art

Kate O'Hara Art Patches on Esty

Another talented artist, Kate O’Hara from Nevada has managed to build a successful Etsy store thanks to her unique and whimsical illustrations. Her shop, Kate O’Hara Art, offers a variety of products including prints, cards and a selection of brightly colored, embroidered patches.

Her intricately designed iron-on flower patches are a big hit among customers. Just one of her designs has sold over 3,000 times so far. Her store is clearly thriving. She’s made over 10,000 sales in total with an average rating of 4.8 stars. She is selling most of her Etsy patches for $6.90 per 4 patches. The high quality of her designs and products seems to be the main reason for her continued success.

4. Wildflower and Company

Wildflower and Company Patches

Wildflower and Company, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a vibrant Etsy shop that has become a go-to destination for those seeking unique gifts. They sell iron-on patches, alongside a variety of personalized jewelry, embroidered berets, and more. They have a “hippy” theme that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Their Etsy patches sell at different price points. Some of their most popular designs go for as little as $4. On the other end of the scale, their more detailed patches sell for as much as $18. With over 218,000 total sales, Wildflower and Company has built an impressive Etsy empire. They’ve cornered the gift market well, and their free-spirited designs appeal to those looking for something special outside the mainstream.

5. Finally Home Designs

Finally Home Designs Patches

Finally Home Designs is one of the largest brands selling patches on Etsy, with over 700 different patches available to buy. They have a much wider variety of designs than other shops, including animal patches, biker patches, and even UFO-themed patches. Based out of Germany, store owner Alex Heins is a 25-year-old outdoorsman who was inspired by his love for vintage fashion to start designing and selling patches.

Their prices range from $6.73 to $28.09. The higher-end designs feature large, intricate helmet-wearing animals, aimed at the biker community. With over 26,000 total sales, it’s clear that Finally Home Designs has a loyal customer base that keeps coming back. It’s impressive to see such a young entrepreneur managing to build a successful business on Etsy, with a niche product like patches.

6. BatchesOPatches

BatchesOpatches On Etsy

BatchesOpatches, hailing from Huntington Beach, California, has a unique Etsy store that focuses on selling vintage patches. This Star Seller’s inventory, boasting over 41,000 sales, spans a wide range of themes including pop culture icons, nostalgic slogans, and classic imagery.

Their Etsy patches appeal to anyone looking for a touch of nostalgia or something a bit risque to add to their wardrobe. Many of their patches are based on counter-culture themes, like punk rock and rebellious slogans. These patches are priced between $4.98 to $19.98. It makes them an affordable option for a wide range of shoppers. With over 7,000 glowing reviews, their store is growing and thriving on the Etsy marketplace.

7. TwistedStitcher2018

TwistedStitcher2018 Patches

Run by seller Nancy from Abbotsford, Canada, TwistedStitcher2018 appeals to gothic and macabre fashion lovers. With over 4,600 sales and an impressive collection of nearly 354 unique designs, this custom patch Etsy store has something for every dark soul. In addition to patches, this seller has a range of stuffed dolls and lace masks, so customers can fully embrace their dark side.

Their most popular patch is a highly detailed embroidered vampire woman design, which currently sells for $30.95. This higher price point reflects the quality and intricacy of their work. And with over 1,000 five-star reviews, buyers are clearly happy paying that amount! This shop is a must-visit for anyone looking to add a touch of edge and darkness to their wardrobe.

8. Stars And Sequoias

Stars And Sequoias Patches

Another Floridian patch seller, Stars And Sequoias sells cutesy nature-inspired patches alongside stickers and pins. Their top-selling patch features the well-known cartoon owl from forest fire campaigns paired with the slogan “I Give a Hoot”, aimed at promoting environmental awareness. Priced at $9, this patch has sold over 1,000 times.

Other popular designs from this custom patch Etsy shop include a woodland sasquatch and a graceful crane, both priced at $9. They have marketed themselves towards people who care about the environment and want to make a statement with their clothing. Despite their small range of patches, they’ve made over 4,600 sales. This shows the strength of their designs and message.

9. Winks For Days

WinksForDays Patches on Etsy

Winks For Days, based in Springfield, Missouri, is known for its quirky and creative embroidered patches. Their Etsy patches shop, thriving with over 14,000 sales, offers a variety of designs that are both clever and cute. They cater to a wide audience looking for something special to personalize their belongings. Co-owned by Jason and Morgan Wyatt, Winks For Days brings unique, sometimes weird, and always adorable designs to life.

Their most popular patch designs include a running donut, a book, and a ghost – so truly something for everyone! Prices start at $10, so a little bit higher than some other shops. However, this hasn’t deterred their loyal customers from making repeat purchases. In addition to their patches, WinksForDays also offers pins featuring their popular designs. This makes them a one-stop shop for anyone looking for quirky gifts or accessories.

10. OhMyCrown

OhMyCrown Patches on Etsy

OhMyCrown, a Lithuanian-based Etsy custom patches shop run by Inga, offers hand-made embroidered iron-on patches based on animals, plants, and mythical creatures. Running since 2017, this little store has made over 5,000 sales and boasts thousands of rave reviews. Her niche is creating simple, yet intricate, designs inspired by nature and fantasy.

She has patches for all budgets, with her popular bumble bee designs selling for $4.10 and her more elaborate galaxy-themed hot air balloon patch selling for $30.10. She makes everything from her studio, and her customers appreciate the care and attention to detail put into every patch.

Start Selling Patches on Etsy with The/Studio

If you’re dying to design your own patch, but you don’t have the equipment or resources to make it yourself, then why not partner with a custom manufacturer? Here at The/Studio, we’ll create any kind of patch you can imagine. This includes everything from embroidered to woven and even PVC patches.

We have no minimum order quantity, so whether you need one patch or thousands, we’re happy to help. We’re affordable too, so you can keep your prices competitive while still making a profit. Just make an account on our website and start creating! The design process is simple, and we’re always on hand to offer any assistance you need.


Do patches sell well on Etsy?

Yes! Patches sell very well on Etsy. Many sellers make thousands of sales and generate significant income.

Is there a market for patches?

Yes! The market for patches is quite diverse. From alternative fashion lovers to sports fans and bikers, patches are popular accessories for lots of different people.

What is the secret to selling on Etsy?

While there is no one secret to selling on Etsy, there are a few tips that can help set you up for success. Some key things to keep in mind include having high-quality product photos, writing clear and detailed product descriptions, offering competitive pricing, and actively promoting your shop through social media and other channels.

How do I attract customers on Etsy?

Etsy offers various marketing tools and features to help you attract customers, such as Promoted Listings, Etsy Ads, and social media integrations. Once you start making sales and getting good reviews, this will also help to boost your visibility and attract more customers.



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