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10 Sublimation Sock Ideas for Christmas 2022

10 Sublimation Sock Ideas for Christmas 2022

Custom socks are all the rage at Christmas. Here are a few stellar sublimation sock ideas for your next batch of holiday socks! 

Nothing says Christmas cheer like custom socks. Adorning your socks with Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, elves, candy canes, and other holiday images is a great way to show off your spirit as the holiday season approaches. We offer numerous customization options for our custom socks, including three different fabrication methods, Dye Sublimated, Jacquard/Knitted, and 360 Printed. Each 

Let’s talk sublimation sock design, then drop a few sublimation sock ideas for you to use when you craft your custom Christmas socks this year!

custom sublimated socks

What are Sublimated Socks? 

Dye sublimation is one of our three fabrication methods for custom socks. The dye sublimation process creates a deeper print of your design onto the sock’s fabric, thanks to heat printing.

This process creates richer details than traditional Jacquard/Knitted socks (Dye sublimation is particularly good for designs with fine details and rich color gradients). Your dye sublimation template and your finished socks will look virtually identical!

Why Choose Sublimated Over Jacquard/Knitted and 360-Printed? 

With Jacquard/Knitted socks (our most popular custom sock fabrication method), the design is knitted directly onto the sock not printed. This is more affordable, but fine details are lost in translation, since the design is limited by the stitching itself. In short, designs on dye sublimated socks are much more vivid and clear. 

Sublimated socks will also offer a higher quality look than 360-printed socks. 360 printing stretches the sock, avoiding white lines (ideal for continuous designs), but the overall look is more faded and less bold than dye sublimation. 

Sublimated Socks are Perfect for Christmas 2022 

Custom socks are worn throughout the year, but Christmas is probably the biggest season for custom sock designs. Custom Christmas socks are perfect to add to your retail or e-commerce store (thanks to high holiday markup potential) and are also a great choice for company merch during the holidays. You can gift custom socks to customers, use them in promotional giveaways during the holiday season, or simply use them as gifts for friends and family or party favors during a Christmas party or Christmas-themed wedding.

10 Sublimation Sock Ideas for Christmas 2022 

Here are a few sublimation sock ideas that can get you started as you begin crafting your custom socks this holiday season!

  • Your family Christmas photo
  • Your dog, cat, or other family pet
  • Ugly Christmas sweater-style
  • Kevin McCallister (the kid from Home Alone!)
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Santa Claus
  • Buddy the Elf
  • Love Actually 
  • Christmas trees
  • Snow globes 

Information to be Aware of When Ordering Sublimated Socks 

While we offer dozens of customization options (and fabrication choices are just the beginning!), not all are compatible with each other. The only material that works with sublimation is 100% polyester, either standard or performance. No other sock material will work with this fabrication method, so be aware of that as you go through the design process. Below are a few more things to keep in mind.

  • There are no color limitations for your sublimated sock design
  • The printing technology that is used allows for the designs to be printed in bulk, so the designs will be 100% identical on each sock
  • To make your custom sublimated socks last a long time, make sure to wash them inside out 
  • Only use a small amount of detergent when washing
  • Don’t wash dye sublimated socks with any other clothes  

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