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8 Amazing Custom Styles of Name Patches for Jackets

When you’re a part of something special like a biker club, a military unit or a top school or university, you realize the spirit and enthusiasm of tradition. Take varsity jackets, for example. These letter-adorned pieces were first initiated in 1865 by Harvard University’s baseball team who needed a way to distinguish key players.

Custom letters for jackets have since grown in popularity and in style, and they are used for all kinds of different applications. From custom formal letters for monogramming to custom leather for bikers and apparel brands, there’s much to be said about tradition and about discovering a whole new way to order these custom letters and patches for your customers, online shops, teams, students, and association members.

Various Styles of Name Patches for Jackets

Here are 8 custom styles of name patches for jackets that range from formal to classic and even to the eccentric, including what you’ll need to know about each type, as well as the best applications of each.

Style: Formal

Formal patches give you the advantage of fine-tuning details such as threading type, resolution, and 3D effect.

1. Custom Woven Patches are known for their exceptional detail, produced with fine, thin threads, offering greater details and a high-resolution custom patch

• What You Need to Know: When you need a patch with fine details like small lettering or a small logo, custom woven patches are the answer

• Style Applications: Corporate uniform and letter patches for jackets, company apparel, marketing, promotion, award ceremony custom patches, monograms, and society/ fundraising events

2. Custom Bullion Patches are often known as “crest” patches with a 3D design and a premium shine and texture, composed of tight wire stitches 

• What You Need to Know: Recognized for its durability and polished look, this type of patch adds a distinct finish to your jackets and apparel and can accompany name patches for jackets that require a more formal or scholarly appeal

• Style Applications: Family heirlooms and crests, coat of arms, police and military emblems, fine lettering for jackets, fraternity and sorority jackets, shirts, blazers, and backpacks

Style: Classic

Traditions speak for themselves and if you are looking to honor students, athletes, or those in the military, these are some of the top patch options to consider:

3. Custom Embroidered Patches that ensure high-quality threading with a classic, vintage appearance

• What You Need to Know: Embroidered patches are an excellent option if you have a high-contrast design requiring depth and texture and when you need to apply in various ways such as sew on, iron-on, adhesive, Velcro, etc.

• Style Applications: Bikers, firefighters, police officers, scouts, Sea Cadets, security guards, military, martial arts

4. Custom Chenille Patches are most widely-known as the style of patches worn on letterman jackets. These classic patches offer a fuzzy look perfect for spirited apparel

• What You Need to Know: Use custom chenille patches in bold colors for name patches for jackets when you want a large patch on the front or back of apparel that will really stand out 

• Style Applications: Varsity letter jackets, team uniforms, nameplates, graduation year plates, mascots, rhinestone-embellished numbers and letters, music, sports, and academic achievement

5. Iron-on Patches have been a hit for decades, offering an easy fashion application for jackets, t-shirts, hats, and pants

• What You Need to Know: Iron-on patches are used when you need a quick application of patches for multiple jackets or apparel

• Applications: Jean jackets, casual wear, crafts, scouts, 4-H, motorcycle patches and custom club letters for jackets

Style: Eccentric/Spontaneous

When you really want to make a bold impression upon your teams, clubs, and customers, here are some great ways to add intrigue to your name patches for jackets and other apparel.

6. Custom Printed Patches are a great way to transfer the image details of custom letters for jackets onto patches, particularly if you’re trying to match a certain color or pattern

• What You Need to Know: When you have a photograph of a specific pattern, color, or image you wish to transfer onto a patch, this is generally the way to go to achieve the precise look you’re trying to achieve

• Style Applications: Brand identification, logos, marketing, trade shows, conferences, events, biker rallies, police academy training, and more

7. Custom Leather Patches are perfect options for motorcycle associations, custom letters for jackets, for brand names, logos, or eTail apparel lines

• What You Need to Know: Use custom leather patches when you need a contemporary, trendy look with a rugged style

• Style Applications: Motorcycle clubs, biker patches, apparel branding for jackets, vests, hats, jeans, and even suede, canvas, or leather shoes, and apparel line extensions, unique promotional accessories, and more

8. Custom PVC Patches work well when you need a highly-durable, 3D, unique look can endure, with no worry of mildew, in wet situations

• What You Need to Know:  Order PVC patches for weather-resistance, outdoor usage in tougher climates, for camping or extensive travel usage

• Style Applications:  Military, scouts, biking, camping and hiking clubs, marathons, for custom letters for jackets worn on the road, outdoor gear, and bags

So whether you’re seeking a formal, classic, or uniquely eccentric set of custom letters for jackets or other apparel, you’ll next need a custom designer who can help you with lower per-unit pricing, low minimum order quantities (MOQs), and the simplest ordering process. 

Working with a Custom Designer

The most critical part of working with a custom designer is finding one who can offer all of your custom style needs for name patches for jackets and one who can ensure you have a simple ordering process.

The/Studio offers an online product creation tool that’s available to you at any time. You’ll discover a simple 5 step process for ordering your custom name and custom-styled patches that can be used for various applications.

From choosing your product and customizing your application to uploading simple artwork, approving a mock-up, and shipping, you’ll be amazed at how a tradition that’s over 100 years old can come to life in a whole new way!

The/Studio is a custom patches designer that enables creators to craft custom name patches for jackets that are unique and available in low MOQs at lower per-unit pricing. Contact us or create your product today.

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