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A Guide to Different Sock Styles

Thinking of creating custom socks for your online shop, your in-person boutique, or simply to show off your personal style? Brilliant idea! Custom socks are a super fun way to show off your individuality. Plus, they’re a super eye-catching product that makes a great impulse purchase.

But unless you’re super handy with a pair of knitting needles… well, it’s always been tricky to create the personalized socks of your dreams.

Well, not anymore! Companies like The/Studio make it easy to manufacture high-quality, cozy, 100% customized socks for your shop.

All you’ve got to do is decide which kind you want to sell… which is easier said than done!

There are four main styles or cuts of socks: no-show socks, quarter socks, crew socks, and knee-high socks. While each is better suited to different preferences, all can be fully customized to your heart’s content. No matter which style you choose, you’ll be able to make them your own with plenty of material, design, and thickness options.

Let’s look into these four sock styles (plus a few other customization options you should definitely be aware of!) so you have a good idea of what type of custom socks to create online.


Custom No-Show Socks

Custom_No-Show_Socks A Guide to Different Sock Styles

Custom no-show socks are exactly what they sound like! These low-profile socks feature an extra-low style that’s great for flats or low-top shoes. They offer all of the comfort of socks while letting cute shoes stay front and center.

But just because you can’t see no-show socks with shoes doesn’t mean they can’t still be loads of fun! Simple designs are perfectly fine for no-show socks, but you might also opt for super wild designs for people who don’t want to make too much of a statement with their footwear but still want a pop of personality.

No-show socks are great for women or men of all shoe sizes. They’re a great addition to just about any store, but they’re especially great for stores that sell flats or low-top shoes. They make an easy add-to-cart upsell.

No-show socks come in a wide range of sizes and customization options. Though they have less surface area than other styles, they still come with endless design and personalization possibilities.


Custom Quarter Socks


Custom quarter socks are great for keeping a low profile while still adding a pop of personality. Their medium-low cuff makes them ideal for sneakers and athletic shoes.

Think about your current or target customer base: do they exercise a lot? Love wearing athletic shoes? Opt for a pair of Nikes instead of heels any day of the week? If so, selling custom quarter socks might be a great idea. You could add a fun color or pattern to the cuff that barely pokes out of shoes, or keep it simple with your brand or a fun design on the toe to not attract too much attention.

Custom quarter socks are a great product choice if you sell athletic shoes in your store or cater to a more active audience. They come in a wide range of sizes for women and men, with loads of customization options.


Custom Crew Socks


Custom crew socks are the most popular style… and for good reason. Their taller length and snug, standard cuff make them perfect for just about any shoe style. Plus, their additional height offers the perfect opportunity to show off style or personality without being too over-the-top. Custom crew socks are perfect for everyday wear, with shorts or long pants alike.

Custom crew socks have so many customization options. You can add any pattern, text, or prints you can dream up. You can add a contrasting color to the cuff, toe, and heel if you’d like. You can make them super loud and attention-grabbing or understated and neutral.

The wide range of sizes, customization options, and length that pokes out of shoes gives you a lot to play with in this sock style. 


Custom Knee-High Socks


Custom knee-high socks are about as bold as it gets. With a high cuff that goes up to the knee, these socks can’t help but make a fashion statement. They’re great for serious athletes or serious fashionistas.

Since custom knee-high socks involve the most fabric, they also have the most room for customization. You can keep your design preppy and classic… or go a little nuts with patterns and colors. Add texture, words, designs, artwork, or even embroidery – the possibilities are endless.


Other Sock Customization Options


Now that you have a good idea of what cut of socks might be the best fit for your shop… well, that’s only the beginning. Now that you’ve chosen your canvas, you’ve got loads of other design and customization decisions to make in order to truly make your custom socks your own.

Even beyond the patterns, designs, and text you might choose to add, there are so many ways you can make the socks you sell totally unique.


  • From 3 major fabrication methods, from jacquard knit socks to dye-sublimated socks to 360 printed socks.
  • Your pack size
  • Your sock size
  • From 6 high-quality material choices, including cotton, spandex, polyester, and bamboo blends
  • Your sock thickness
  • Additional cushioning
  • Custom embroidery
  • Compression ribbing
  • Grips
  • Text detail
  • Custom cuff shapes
  • Terry cushioning
  • Custom no-slip bottom grips
  • Custom sewn-on labels

You might be wondering… how do I create custom socks? The entire custom sock creation process is super simple with The/Studio’s DIY online product creation tool. It’ll allow you to choose your sock cut, customize each of the above options, upload your product design or use a free design service, get a prototype of your socks, and have your entire order shipped for free backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to start designing some awesome custom no-show socks, custom quarter socks, custom crew socks, or custom knee-high socks? Start the process here.





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