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Adhering Emblems

Adhering Emblems

Maybe your not a girl scout or a biker but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a custom patch too. Emblems are no longer just for boy scouts or police officers , anyone can wear them! Emblems are very versatile and can be worn on anything! I am going to go over where and how you can wear a custom insignia , you will be surprised that emblems aren’t just for covering up holes in your jeans anymore, they are making quite the fashion statement!

Hats are very popular , you see men and women wearing hats all the time! Whether it’s a regular baseball hat , castro hat or a beanie, hats are all the rage! Many people want their hats to be unique and represent them as an individual , a custom embroidered patch allows your hat to be one of a kind. You can adhere your emblems to any hat and POOF, you have created a hat that you can’t find in any store , it’s truly original and customized by you!

Emblems look extraordinary on shirts , sweatshirts and jackets! You can spruce any t-shirt up with a custom insignia. Emblems will give your shirt an exclusive look , you won’t be able to find this shirt at anywhere!

Do you have a boring backpack or plain bag? Give life to your bag with a custom embroidered emblem! Customized the perfect patch and adhere to any bag! Let your bag or backpack be a conversation starter! We can create the perfect insignia for this particular accessory!

A custom adhesive patch can be used on furniture , appliances and laptops . Adhesive patches can be used to decorate any  bland surface , these patches will bring excitement to any item!

As you can see emblems can be used on anything! They are a great,  affordable way to add style and fun to everything! So feel free to adhere your emblems to anything and everything you can think of , I promise you won’t regret it! Get patch happy!

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