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Beautiful Custom Embroidered Back Patches

December 21, 2015

Out of all the different type of patches that we do, from fire department patches, police department patches, biker patches, patches with rhinestones, with Chenille embroidery, etc…, the category of patches that we are most passionate about are back patches, which we define as patches that are 6 inches and larger.

Admittedly back patches are not for everyone.  They obviously are so big that they can’t be sewn onto the shoulder, chest or the front of a garment, so the only logical place for them to go is on the back.  Furthermore, in general they shouldn’t be sewn onto a tshirt or any shirt that has thin material, because the patch is to bulky to support such a large and heavy patch.  Their applications are as diverse as being sewn onto sports uniforms, leather biker jackets or vests, fashion jackets, and heavy duty uniforms. We are passionate about back patches because embroidery is ultimately an art of detail, and the larger the patch is, the more clear the detail can become.  A large back patch, looks like an ancient piece of Indian or Chinese handwork.  Many of the back patches that we have done are truly closer to pieces of artwork, than they are to patches.   Here is a limited selection of some of the custom embroidered back patches that we have done recently.   The Stone Cold patch was produced for a MC Club. The “South Shore Seahawks Scituate Norwell Hull” is for a football team. The Southern Knits is also a motorcycle patch. The patch with the rat and the hockey sticks, is as you guessed for a hockey team, and surprisingly a lot of hockey teams order back patches. The AuDable Vert patch is for the uniforms for the staff of a bar. Xbooks is for a software company that sewed the patches on the back of their promotional uniforms at a tradeshow.   We aren’t sure what the patch with the square and black and gold embroidery is for.   The American Vintage patch and the Viking Patch are for biker clubs. We are honored to have produced the Chicago Bulls Patch for the Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball team.

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