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Best Custom Airsoft Patches Ever Made

Best Custom Airsoft Patches Ever Made

One of our most frequent customers at Patches By The/Studio  is our airsoft customers. I have learned so much about this amazing sport from our customers. They have such a passion for airsoft and they want to share their love of the sport with everyone! They have not been shy about discussing the rivalry that exist between airsoft and paintball. Airsoft customers state that their sport is more realistic , they use military tactics and even the U.S military uses airsoft to train. They also say that their hobby/sport is more fun than paintball. I like both of our airsoft and paintball customers , so I am going to stay neutral on this topic ,  I would like to share with you some of my favorite custom airsoft patches we have created , and to all of the paintball fans out there not to worry I will be sharing some of my favorite paintball patches at a later time.


The first airsoft emblem you see below has such a creative design , please excuse the profanity. We used brown , black and white threading and we used 100% embroidery coverage on this custom insignia. I love the monkey’s grin! Our production team did an amazing job with the detail of  this patch. I think you can see why these is one of my all time favorite custom embroidered airsoft patches.


The second airsoft insignia you see below was created for a airsoft field, called Ghost Town Airsoft. The name of this place is great and I love design. The skeleton is wearing a western hat and scarf , this really represents the name of their airsoft field. We used brown and white threading and we used a military green twill background. This patch represents airsoft to the tee!


I love the third emblem below because I love the movie “Boondock Saints” , this is such a great name for a airsoft team. This custom patch is simple  yet very powerful. This patch just goes to show that you don’t need a complex design to have an impressive patch , sometimes the simpler the better!


The fourth custom insignia you see below is a great example of how realistic airsoft is. Most airsoft team want their custom embroidered patches to look just as realistic as their equipment and uniforms. This patch is a military inspired airsoft patch , we used miitary colors and used a shield shape that is common amongst our military customers.


Even if you are a paintball enthusiast  , I think we can all agree on something ………… these custom patches are amazing! We truly enjoy creating custom airsoft patches. Let Patches by The/Studio guide you through the airsoft patch process , we can create a high quality emblem that is authentic and true to the airsoft sport.

custom airsoft patches with monkey

custom airsoft patches ghost town airsoft

custom airsoft patches boondock saints

custom airsoft patches north




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