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Best Custom Patches We Have Ever Made

We have created some of the most spectacular custom patches. Don’t mind my bragging, but Patches by The/Studio really is “a force to be reckoned with”. We create high quality custom embroidered patches at an affordable price and we have the best customer service! We can’t take all the credit, most of the concepts and images come from our amazing customers. I wanted to share with you some of the best custom patches we have ever made. It was really hard to narrow it down to just a few because all of the custom emblems that we make are truly amazing! Below you will see my personal favorite custom patches that we have made. Enjoy!

Please see images of the custom patches down below.

Mermaid with a shark tail: This is an amazing example of a great design that one of our customers came up with and great execution from our production team.  We used beautiful green threading on this custom embroidered emblem and we used 100% embroidery coverage so you can really see the details of the custom insignia. This is one of my favorite patches we have created because it’s a very unique design; I have never seen anything like this before.

Charlie Brown Patch: Who doesn’t like Charlie Brown and friends? This custom emblem is very nostalgic for me; I grew up watching Charlie Brown.  My favorite character was Lucy. The embroidery used on this custom logo patch is amazing! You can see all the details so clearly. This custom patch was made using 100% embroidery coverage.

Rose Bowl Parade Patch: This custom insignia is dear to my heart because I grew up in South Pasadena and attended the Rose Bowl Parade every year. We were honored when we were asked to create a custom logo patch for the boy scouts and girl scouts that were participating in the parade. It was so important for us to create the perfect patch for my beloved hometown. We used 75% embroidery coverage on these custom patches, it was so exciting seeing the girl scouts and boy scouts wear our patches on the parade route!

Clockwork Orange Patch: I am sure most of you have read the book Clockwork Orange and if you haven’t read the book, maybe you have seen the movie. Well I have done both! I love the book and the movie; I was so excited to create a Clockwork Orange patch! Above is a picture of the actual movie and below is the patch we created based on the movie poster. It’s amazing how identical they look, you can’t tell which one is the poster and which one is the custom patch. That’s why Patches by The/Studio is amazing because we can take any patch and turn it into a piece of art!

Manchester Fire Department Patch: This is one of my favorite custom fire patches we have ever made, look at how vibrant and colorful this fire emblem is. The embroidered fire patch has a 3D look.  This custom patch represents the New Hampshire Fire Department perfectly. It was truly an honor creating this fire insignia for them.

You Staying Young Patch: I am sure most of you know who Dr. Mehmet Oz is; we were first introduced to him on the Oprah show and now he has his own show. We created this custom patch for his bestselling book with Dr. Michael E. Roizen. This is one of my favorite custom patches because it’s very rare that we get to create a custom logo patch for a best selling book. Our production team did an amazing job making the patch look identical to the book itself.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of the best custom patches we have made. It has been such a pleasure going down memory lane and seeing these patches again. Let us create a custom patch that will go down in Patches by The/Studio as being one of the best custom patches we have ever made!





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