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Boy Scout Custom Button Loop Patches

November 9, 2015

Button Loops are actually an invention in the custom patch industry that started with the Boy Scouts of America.  The Boy Scouts of America are only permitted to wear certain embroidered patches on their uniforms.  However, there are many events that Boy Scouts participate in and they are often given patches or have the option of purchasing patches.  Because they are not allowed to wear the patches on their uniforms Boy Scouts started to request that button loops such as the ones in these pictures be added to their patches.

This allowed Boy Scouts to treasure their patches that commemorated events they participated in by hanging the patches up using the button loop.  Many Boy Scouts will have a small display in their rooms or family living rooms so that they can proudly display their scout patches.   At Studio Patches we are happy to provide our customers with the ability to add a custom button loop with a color of their choice for an additional 15%.  You can find out more information about our button loop patches by going to this page on our site.   The cool thing is that recently we have noticed that other organizations such as Girl Scouts, schools, military, police and fire units are even ordering button loops on their patches to give the patches out as commemorative gifts and souvenirs.

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