Can I Bring Enamel Pins on a Plane?

Enamel pins are popular accessories. They can be used as lapel pins or as part of a military, police, or service uniform. They’re also popular trading and collectible items, although some people like to use them for decoration.

Pins are often overlooked when attached to their intended clothing or bag. Many people even forget about them – until they have to go through airport security. With metal backings and sharp posts, taking pins through security might sound a little…iffy. Here’s everything you need to know before you take pins on a plane.

Can You Wear a Pin Through Airport Security?

Airport security can be intimidating no matter where you go. In America, federal airline travel rules and regulations are uniform across all 50 states. But they may differ in other countries, so it’salways important to check local laws before traveling internationally.

In the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does allow safety and stick pins – aka an enamel pin. However, the TSA website notes that the security checkpoint officers have the final say on what objects are allowed on the plane.

What does all of that mean? In most cases, you can take an enamel pin on a plane on either your personal or carry-on item. However, the TSA agent at the gate may decide that your pin cannot fly. While this isn’t the most likely scenario, many people pack their pin collection in their checked bag – just in case.

Will a Pin Set off the Metal Detectors?

Every pin is different. For that matter, metal detectors are different too. It’s hard to know for sure if a pin will set off a metal detector. If you’re taking your pin collection through security, sending them through with the carry-on items is a good idea. If you have them attached to a bag or jacket, you should be able to place the item in a bin and send it through the scanner.

Can I Wear Enamel Pins on a Plane?

In general, yes! You can. In most cases, your enamel pin won’t cause any issues. If you want to wear them attached to a jacket, coat, or bag and want to take that item on a plane, it usually won’t be an issue.

While most people may not think of pins as potential weapons, anything is possible. Ultimately, the final decision on whether pins are allowed rests with the gate guard. Many people don’t have any issues as long as they take their pins off before going through metal detectors.

Can You Have Pins on Your Carry on Bag?

Carry-on bags are smaller suitcases or bags that can fit in the overhead bins on a plane. These bags are accessible to passengers thought-out the entire flight. Unfortunately, in today’s world, that creates the possibility for a passenger to do real harm during the flight if they hide something dangerous in their carry-on.

Because of this, carry-on bags and personal items are subjected to intense scrutiny and regulations. Outside food, water, and sharp objects are generally not allowed. Many people might – understandably – assume this applies to pins as well. However, TSA guidelines do allow decorative pins. Safety, enamel, acrylic, and straight pins are all allowed on carry-on bags under the general guidelines.


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What About Pins in Your Carry on Bag?

Most travelers are fine with being allowed to carry pins on their carry-on bags, but having them in the bag can be a little different. Gate guards may have more of an issue with pins in your bag since they can potentially be used as a weapon. This may result in extra security screenings, or even having to leave your collection at the gate. It’s best to leave them in your carry-on or in a checked bag.

Tips for Packing Enamel Pins When Traveling

With a little preparation, most people don’t have any issues traveling with enamel pins. Here are some tips to try for your next trip:

Cover the Sharp End of the Pin

No matter what, thisis a good idea – no one likes getting poked on accident. Airport security frowns on sharp objects, so covering the sharp end of the post with a backing or clasp can go a long way.

Use a Protective Travel Case

If you’re worried about your pins getting damaged in transit, you can’t go wrong with a protective case. Many people like to store all their pins and backings in a small, hard-shell bag. These are partially useful if you want to keep them in your checked bag, so you don’t have to worry about them being bent or smashed.

Consider Packing Them in a Checked Bag

Checked bags are carried in the plane’s cargo hold. They aren’t accessible to passengers during the flight, so the regulations for what’s allowed in checked bags are a little more permissive. There’s always a possibility that you won’t be able to take your pins in a carry-on, but they’ll always be allowed in checked bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

TSA regulations aren’t always easy to understand. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding TSA guidelines on enamel pins:

Will TSA Take Enamel Pins?

Generally, the TSA guidelines allow enamel and other pins in carry-on items. However, the gate agent has the final say. If the pin in question is an irregular shape that can potentially be dangerous, or if the post is too long, it may not be allowed.

Final Thoughts

With the right preparation, most people have no issues flying with their pin collection. Some people prefer to keep them in checked bags, but TSA guidelines do allow travelers to have them in carry-on items. However you choose to travel, The/Studio has custom enamel pins for every occasion and personality. Check out our website today!



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