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All the Challenge Coin Materials Offered by The/Studio

Challenge coins have a long history of commemorating achievement, showing membership, or boosting morale. Today, they still make great awards as well as memorable promotional tokens. Why? Because with so many options for coin type, coin finish, and coin metal, every creation is unique.

With The/Studio, you can create highly personalized custom challenge coins with a variety of options for finishes and colors. Whatever the occasion, we have the coin materials to suit it.

But we make customization even easier by offering 20 different coin materials, all expertly mixed from high-quality metals. Learn more about each coin metal option below!


1. Shiny Gold

Our Shiny Gold metal option is a classic take on the challenge coin. A gold finish with a polished surface, this coin type is a traditional option with some added shine.


2. Shiny Silver

Like Shiny Gold, our Shiny Silver finish adds shine and vibrancy to a classic coin style. With the Shiny Silver finish, your custom coin creation will boast an eye-catching gleam.


3. Antique Silver

For a unique look with a nostalgic feel, consider the Antique Silver finish. The distressed surface adds an aged effect to classic silver.


4. Shiny Brass

Another classic metal choice, the brass gleams under a polished finish for a coin that gives off a clean, traditional look.


5. Shiny Nickel

Like Shiny Brass, our Shiny Nickel coin type boosts a subtle metal choice with plenty of shine and vibrancy.

6. Shiny Copper

Move over, pennies. With its polished finish, our Shiny Copper coins elevate this understated metal.


7. Shiny Rose Gold

This bright, polished finish is perfect for a gift or piece of memorabilia that will really stand out. Shiny Rose Gold coins make unique pieces for themed events, fundraisers, and more.


8. Shiny Chrome

For a bold look, Shiny Chrome lays a polished surface over sleek gray metal. This unique coin type makes for great promo or novelty pieces.


9. Shiny Gunmetal

It doesn’t get much sleeker than the dark finish of our Shiny Gunmetal option. The dark metal and polished gleam offer an ultra-modern look.


10. Antique Gold

Like our other Antique finishes, this distressed gold coin offers a perfect balance of tradition and nostalgia – great for military memorabilia, awards, or gifts.


11. Antique Brass

This is another great option for military gifts, promos, or any piece you want to feel aged yet classy. The distressed surface adds warmth to the bold brass.


12. Antique Nickel

Nothing pairs better with the light color of nickel than an aged finish. This is another great coin option for a balance between tradition and nostalgia.

13. Antique Copper

For a fully aged look, our Antique Copper coin finish blends warm color with a nostalgic sheen.


14. Satin Gold

Our Satin finish covers your classic gold base with an anodized (oxide-coated) surface to create an opaque, matte effect.


15. Satin Silver

Get our anodized finish with a silver base for a beautiful, matte surface on a much-beloved color.


16. Satin Brass

This Satin finish covers warm brass, giving your custom coin an opaque surface with a matte effect.


17. Satin Nickel

Our Satin option is also available for Nickel, so you can have the same opaque, matte effect atop this classy, subtle base.


18. Satin Copper

Can’t forget about copper. Get the lovely matte effect of our Satin option on this humble metal type for a truly nostalgic piece.


19. Brush Brass

We’re proud to offer the unique look of our Brush Brass coin finish. The brushed surface of this bold metal adds texture to your custom coin.


20. Black Paint

For a truly unique challenge coin perfect for promos and gifts, our Black Paint option offers a fully matte effect atop a metal base.

Other Options

Not only can you choose from among 20 challenge coin materials – you can also include two colors of the same coin finish (such as gold and silver with antique finish). You can even add custom colors atop your chosen coin material and finish. The possibilities are really endless.

Challenge Coins with The/Studio

Whether for gifts, awards, or promos, custom challenge coins with The/Studio offer the perfect opportunity to create something unique and memorable. Learn more about manufacturing with us today!




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