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6 Different Types of Lapel Pins

Looking to create an affordable customized item for your company? Custom pins from The/Studio come in a variety of design and construction options. Whether you’re looking for pins that look and feel regal and expensive, or a piece that makes the wearer feel nostalgic for times long gone, custom pins are a fun way to create a branded product.

We get it, though – not everyone’s an expert on the ins and outs of pin-making. That’s why our expert team has put together a guide to manufacturing pins for your brand, company, or promotional needs.

Comparing Custom Pin Types from The/Studio

Soft Enamel Pins

Sometimes known as embossed pins, soft enamel pins are a custom pin option with seemingly limitless customization. One of the most popular pin options from The/Studio, soft enamel pins offer an affordable price point and high durability.

To create the high tactility look and feel of these pins, this pin is die-struck, then color is applied mechanically.

View soft enamel pins.

Hard Enamel Pins

A hard enamel pin, which is also known as a pole pin, is a die struck pin with a hard enamel finish. Often used for events giveaways, corporate giveaways, political events, and sporting events, custom hard enamel pins from The/Studio offer a high-value look and feel.

To create this look, each color is added and baked separately on the pin. After, the pin is heated and polished to create a high-gloss, smooth finish.

View hard enamel pins.

3D Mold Pins

A 3D mold pin, which is sometimes called a die-cast pin, is a custom pin made with hard enamel. Also often used for promotional giveaways or at awards ceremonies, this type of custom pin has an elegant appeal.

Typically designed without color, these pins are available with a variety of finishes for a variety of visual and tactile finishes. A few finishing options include antiqued, polished, and matte. These are typically available in copper, bronze, nickel, and gold.

Offset Epoxy Pins

An offset epoxy pin is a printed pin that has a clear epoxy glaze overtop of the original design. To create an offset epoxy pin, The/Studio offers printed pins with your exact image, design, or logo and color matching. The pin is printed, then the epoxy layer is coated on.

These pins are designed to be more durable than a printed pin.

View 3D molded, printed, and offset epoxy pins.

Printed Pins

Printed pins from The/Studio are an excellent option for companies looking to create a pin with a specific design or logo. In the printing process, an image, design, or logo can be recreated exactly, making printed pins the perfect option for teams, sports, promotional materials, and corporate giveaways when the little details matter.

Printed pins are fully customizable and created with your exact design. So yes, you can make that pin you’ve always dreamed of featuring Mr. Sparkles the Cat’s face.

Die Struck

Die struck pins are created to allow for designs to be raised and recessed into medal similar to that of a coin. This type of pin works with the color of the medal and showcases the texture and finish of the material. Here, finishing options such as sand blasting and other polish types are especially important to accentuate the look and feel of the pin.

Create Custom Pins with The/Studio

Are you ready to start creating your custom pins? With no minimum order requirements, high-quality construction, and fast turnaround times, you can’t go wrong with custom pins from The/Studio. Check out the variety of custom pins available at The/Studio, then contact us to get a quote.




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