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Compare The/Studio Sock Types

Custom socks are a fun way to create evergreen branded products with an affordable price point. With a variety of styles to choose from, The/Studio makes it easy for companies to choose a sock style and design that fits the aesthetic of their ideal customer.

Check out the six basic sock styles available now at The/Studio, plus the three fabrication methods available for all six types.

Custom Sock Styles from The/Studio

No show socks are designed to stay hidden under the shoe.

No Show Socks

Designed with low-profile sneakers and fashion tennis shoes in mind, no show custom socks are made to be “no show” when worn with shoes. Our no show socks offer many points of customization, including the toe, heel, band, and sock body.

These socks have a small footprint and make it easy for the wearer to spot a bare ankle look while maintaining a stylish look and feel.

Crew socks are a classic statement piece.

Crew Socks

Designed for versatility, custom crew socks offer a taller footprint and are designed to cover over the leg up to around mid-calf. Crew socks are available with unlimited customizations, making them the perfect option regardless of occasion.

Originally created to be worn with boots, crew socks have become a statement piece for younger generations, making a fun and fashionable look worn with fashion sneakers and athletic apparel. Branded crew socks make great visual and social media marketing tools.

Knee high socks provide ample room for eye-catching designs and logos.

Knee High Socks

Custom knee high socks from The/Studio are a valuable opportunity to make a bold fashion statement. Perfect for any season, this custom sock style offers warmth and style to the wearer.

Knee high socks have a tall footprint and are designed to be worn over the knee, which means they have ample room for customization. Knee high socks can even be designed with a custom cuff tall enough to be seen over a tall pair of boots.

Athletic socks from The/Studio come in several styles and fabrication methods.

Athletic Socks

Athletic socks from The/Studio are made to hold up under pressure. Fully customizable and designed to help improve sports performance of the wearer, custom athletic socks are a great addition to a sports collection.

Whether your customers are looking to feel camaraderie with their favorite sports team or simply find a comfortable pair of socks for their favorite sport, custom athletic socks from The/Studio will fit the bill.

Our non-slip feature can be added to any of our custom sock types.

No Slip Socks

Finding the perfect pair of socks to wear around the house is made easier with no slip socks from The/Studio. Designed with no-slip bottoms, these socks make it easy to lounge around the house without worrying about sliding or slipping on hardwood or slippery tile floors.

The personalized no slip bottom can be added to any custom stock style at The/Studio.

Custom socks with The/Studio can be as detailed as you like, with the right fabrication method.

Branded Socks

At The/Studio, we want to make it easy for you to create the product you know your customers will love. Our custom branded socks make it easy to create a professional look that reflects your brand and corporate culture.

Perfect for tradeshow giveaways, special events, holiday gifts, and visual marketing, custom branded socks come in a variety of colors, size, and embellishment options.

How Are The/Studio’s Socks Fabricated?

All of the above sock types are available in three different fabrication methods: Jacquard Knit, Dye-Sublimated, and 360-Degree Printed. We’ll break down each method below.

Jacquard Knit is the most popular fabrication type.



Jacquard Knit

Despite its fancy name, this is by far the most common sock fabrication method. It simply means that the pattern or print is woven directly into the fabric, which is ideal for classic or geometric patterns – argyle, for example. This fabrication method isn’t great for more complex patterns or images, however.

Dye sublimation is best for more complex patterns.


Dye sublimation is a heat transfer printing method that’s ideal for more complex, detailed designs with lots of color.

360-Printed is the "Cadillac" version of dye sublimation, great for details and lots of color.

360-Degree Printed

Similar to dye sublimation, 360 printing is sort of an upgraded technology – the “Cadillac” of heat printing socks. It’s perfect for detailed, dynamic designs, removing “white gaps” of more traditional methods.

To learn more about the anatomy of a sock made by The/Studio, check out our Socks 101 blog.

Create Custom Socks with The/Studio

If you’re looking to create a fun, trendy product custom socks from The/Studio are a great way to get started. With no minimum order quantities, high-quality production, and fast turnaround times, The/Studio makes it easy to stock custom socks for your brand.




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