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Create Your Own Version of a Lids Snapback Hat


For high-quality snapbacks, Lids is the cream of the crop. But when you make hats here at The/Studio, you get Lids quality paired with endless customization options!

In the hat game, there’s nobody who does it bigger (or better) than Lids. This iconic American ball cap brand makes the classic “snapback” hat, and sells merchandise for sports ranging from hockey to baseball to basketball. If you’re a sports fan, Lids has something for you.

But did you know that you don’t have to go to Lids to create a custom Lids-style snapback?

custom lids inspired hat

What is Lids?

Let’s start with a bit of background. Lids was founded by two best friends, Douglass Karp and Ben Fischman in Boston in 1993. Lids has changed owners over the years, first being acquired by Hat World, and later Genesco, which sold Hat World (and Lids) in 2019.  Today, popular rapper Meek Mill is also a major Lids stakeholder, and the brand is perhaps the most well-known American sportswear apparel company, particularly when it comes to hats. Their classic “snapback” hat is their trademark offering.

Why Not Just Buy a Lids Snapback Yourself?

If you’re a hat fan (or if you’re looking to sell hats in your retail or e-commerce store), then you’re probably wondering, “Why don’t I just go buy hats from Lids?” 

Well, buying snapback hats in bulk from Lids would cost you a fortune (each hat ranges in price from $30-$50). Besides, Lids offers little to no customization options, and you won’t legally be able to resell the hats at your business, anyway.

So, it’s best to look elsewhere…

Why Choose The/Studio For Your Own Version of a Lids Snapback Hat? 

At The/Studio, we offer wholesale pricing. That means the more units you buy, the better the price. For example, if you buy 200 hats, you can get them as cheaply as $10.36 each! 

Besides, unlike Lids, we’ll give you complete customization ability for your hats. That means you won’t be making plain old licensed merch. You’ll be creating sports team-themed caps with your own unique designs! We also offer custom branded packaging options, knowledgeable staff, and that same high-quality you expect from a top-end manufacturer like Lids.

Get Started with Your Snapback Hat Order Today 

Here at The/Studio, the custom hat-making process is simple. You have the option of working with one of our creative specialists to draft up a design based on your vision, or you can use our Create Tool to go through the process by yourself! Be sure to take advantage of regular discounts and other promotions, and check out our FAQ section to learn more.

Below, you can find our favorite design choices for Lids-inspired snapback hats. If you want to really stay true to the classic “Lids” style, these are excellent options. 

But remember, the vision (and the choice) is all yours!

True Customization at Your Fingertips 

Choose Your Style 

  • 6 panel 
  • 5 panel 
  • 5 panel with pinch-tuck 

Choose Your Material

  • 100% cotton twill 
  • Cotton/poly twill 
  • Corduroy
  • Poly mesh 
  • Full color printed twill 
  • 70% acrylic / 30% wool blend 
  • Faux suede 
  • Faux leather 
  • Faux satin 
  • Screen-printed twill 

Choose Your Profile Shape 

  • Structured 
  • Unstructured
  • Foam Structure 

Note: Foam fronts typically aren’t used for snapbacks, and are more common on trucker hats, but the choice is entirely yours!

Choose Your Bill Shape 

  • Curved 
  • Flat 

Choose Your Cap Closure 

We have a variety of closure systems, but if you want a true Lids-inspired snapback, the plastic snapback closure system is the ONLY real choice!

Choose Your Embroidery 

  • 1 location 
  • 2 locations
  • 3 locations 
  • Unlimited embroidery 

Choose Your Add-Ons

  • Custom patch (choice of sewn by running stitching or satin stitching) 
  • Custom hang tag
  • Custom label

Note: All add-ons are sold (and customized) separately from your custom snapback.

Choose Your Profile Height 

  • Medium 
  • High 
  • Low 

Choose Your Exterior 

  • Eyelet: Woven 
  • Top Button: Woven 
  • Bill: Custom Stitching 
  • Bill: Sandwich 
  • Eyelet: Metal 
  • Eyelet: None 
  • Top Button: Metal 
  • Back panels: poly mesh 
  • Piping: custom color 
  • Washing effect 

Choose Your Interior 

  • Sweatband Color: solid 
  • Taping: solid color 
  • Taping: custom printed 
  • Sweatband Color: custom printed 
  • Sweatband: elastic (black or white only) 
  • Sweatband mesh 

Choose Printing Options 

  • Screenprinting (2 colors)
  • Digital 1 pattern 
  • Screenprinting (1 color) 
  • Screenprinting (3 colors) 
  • Digital 2 patterns 

Note: Not all options are compatible with each other. Talk to one of our creative specialists if you have any questions regarding what is possible for a custom snapback hat.

Start Designing Your Custom Lids Snapback Hat Now!




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