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How to Make Custom Dog and Cat Pins

You love their furry faces and all the noises they make. You buy their special food, find their favorite toy from under the couch, and lovingly abide all their quirks. So why not take them with you everywhere you go?

If your furbabies are your life, then getting a custom pin with their cute little face is a no-brainer. Here’s how to make custom pins featuring your favorite furry friends with The/Studio.

custom cat lapel pin

How to Make a Custom Cat Pin or Custom Dog Pin at The/Studio

Choose Your Design

Before working on your custom pin with The/Studio, you need to find which picture or illustration you’d like to use for your custom pin. When it comes to choosing the right representation of your fur child, there’s no wrong answer. You could choose to simply feature their face, or you could get their cute little legs and sleeping position represented for all time in pin form. It’s really up to you.

Upload Your Image

Once you’ve chosen the perfect visual representation of the literal love of your life, it’s time to upload the photo to The/Studio’s site and start the pin-making process. This is where the magic begins.

Be sure to choose a photo or illustration with good lighting so all of the little details of your custom dog or cat pin can be incorporated by the design team at The/Studio.

picture of a cat and a cat lapel pin

Customize Your Pin

The photo is uploaded. Now it’s time to choose all of the fun details. Choose a size, material, and style that really represents the relationship you have with your fur baby.

Want a regal look? Perhaps a die-cast pin is the right option for you. Want a more low-key, playful vibe? Maybe a soft enamel pin is the right choice.

Check Out the Mock-Up

After you’ve submitted your image and made your selections, it’s time to hand over the reins to the design team at The/Studio. We’ll create a digital mock-up of your custom cat pin or custom dog pin (at no extra cost!) and provide it to you so you can make any suggestions.

We want to get it just right, so be sure to tell us if Fido or Fluffy aren’t looking exactly how you imagined.

digital mock up of a dog lapel pin

Approve the Sample

When you approve the mock-up, The/Studio team will send you a sample of your custom dog or cat pin so you can get a feel for what the finished product will look like.

With no minimum order requirements and fast turnarounds, you can create custom pins for your furry friends’ birthday parties, office party giveaways, or even simply to adorn all of your favorite fashion items. You need never leave home without your pet again.

Place Your Order

After it’s all said and done, the only thing left to do is place your order!

Ready to get started making your custom dog pin or custom cat pin with The/Studio? Check out our pin options, choose your design, then upload your image file to get started.




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