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8 Different Types of Lapel Pin Backings

Custom pins from The/Studio are a great way to establish brand presence, build community, share the love of a favorite sports team, or simply make a fun fashion statement. At The/Studio, we not only offer a variety of custom pin types – including hard and soft enamel, die-struck, 3D mold, and offset epoxy – but we also offer eight types of pin backings for you to choose from. Whether you’re creating a custom hard enamel pin or a casual printed logo pin, we have the perfect custom pin backing to fit your needs.

The/Studio offers eight types of custom pin backings.

What Types of Pin Backings Does The/Studio Offer?

The simple answer is eight different plastic, metal, and magnetic options for a variety of uses. But whether you’re a retailer looking to create a niche product or just have a promotional need, we get that not everyone gets as jazzed as we do about the details of custom pin backings.

That’s why the manufacturing experts behind The/Studio pins have pooled our knowledge to provide the ultimate guide to ordering the right backing for your custom pins.

Check out your options below!

Rubber Clutch (Black)

Free with any order, the rubber clutch pin backing is a standard for custom pins. The circular shape with small grabbable holder makes it easy to remove and attach.

Rubber Clutch (Yellow)

Also available for free with any order, the rubber clutch is a pin backing made for larger custom pins, with two yellow rubber closures for a more secure attachment.

Butterfly Clutch

Free with any order, the butterfly clutch is a traditional pin backing. The small, circular shape made of silver metal makes it simple to detach and reattach.

Deluxe Clutch

The deluxe clutch is a premium butterfly clutch with a brushed metal look and texture. The small circular shape with a small knob is made for long-term wear.

2-Piece Magnet

The two-piece magnet is one of our most popular types of pin backings because it allows for a no-puncture attachment. The magnetic backing of the pin is secured with a second magnet on the other side of the fabric.

Bar Magnet

Like the two-piece magnet, the bar magnet uses a securely attached magnet on the back of your custom pin to attach to a second magnet on the other side of the fabric. This option is great for a no-puncture application of larger pins.

Safety Pin

A traditional safety pin is attached to the back of your custom pin and then threaded through the apparel or fashion item for attachment.

Bent Legs

For attachment to buttons, the bent legs custom pin backing has bendable metallic legs attached to the back of your custom pin that allow for easy attachment and removal.

Shop Custom Pin Backings Today

The/Studio offers a variety of custom pins manufactured on-demand – meaning you can order only what you need and get it exactly when you need it. With fast production times for tight deadlines, a quality guarantee with hand-inspection on every order, and free standard shipping to your door from the factory (for free!), you can feel confident in your custom order.

Check out our variety of custom pins, including novelty pins, corporate pins, and 3D mold pins, then shop through the many different types of pin backings to find the right one for your order of custom pins.

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