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Custom Product Ideas for Father’s Day

Summertime is full of awesome opportunities to celebrate, from Memorial Day to Pride month to the Fourth of July… not to mention summer vacation for the kiddos! But in the midst of all that partying, be sure you don’t miss the chance to celebrate Dad. Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday in June, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the father figures in your life – not just with a nice note, but with a thoughtful gift that’s perfect for him.

Planning for Father’s Day can benefit your shop in a big way. 75% of consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year, and the average consumer will spend an estimated $174.10 on Father’s Day gifts. Basically, Father’s Day gifts are in high demand – stocking your shop with great gifts has the potential to drive major sales!

So why not create a custom patch, tie pin, or pair of socks that’ll help your customers answer the question: “What am I gonna get Dad for Father’s Day?” (Or take advantage of The/Studio’s low minimum order quantities to create a custom gift for your own dad!)

It’s time to think outside the box of ties or chocolates – let’s start getting those ideas flowing!  Here are a few brilliant custom product ideas you can create for Father’s Day.


Custom Father’s Day Patches

Bear Patch

Custom patches are a fun, low-cost gift idea that are endlessly customizable. And chances are, Dad’s never received one before! They’re a great way to dress up a favorite jacket, messenger bag, or hat. You could create a patch that says “World’s Best Dad” or one with a funny dad joke to sell to your customers, or create a custom patch with your own dad’s name or face on it to hand out to all of your extended family to wear on Father’s Day! 

With seven types of patches to choose from, endless customization options, and free design services, The/Studio makes it easy to bring your custom Father’s Day patch ideas to life.

Learn more about custom patches


Custom Father’s Day Socks

custom socks in bulk

Socks are a classic Father’s Day gift for a reason… but limiting yourself to what you can find in a three-pack from Walmart can get a little boring. Time to step this gift idea up in a big way with fun custom socks!

Socks are a versatile gift that can go a variety of ways. You could create custom classy socks Dad could wear to the office, patterned socks that feature a favorite team or hobby, or silly colorful socks that show off his personality. Consider what your customers (or your own dad!) might like best and run with it!

With three printing styles, four cuff sizes, and endless customization options to choose from along with free design services, The/Studio can help you create the perfect Father’s Day socks.

Learn more about custom socks


Custom Father’s Day Hats

Custom Dad Hats Light Blue

Great for summer, great for Father’s Day! Create custom hats for your customers to give to the father figures in their lives. In fact, there’s an entire category of hats that are perfect for this occasion – dad hats, which are super wearable and trendy right now! But snapback hats, trucker hats, 5-panel hats, baseball hats, fitted hats, and even beanies all make excellent gifts as well.

You could create a hat with a dad-related saying on it, or simply create more of an everyday hat with a unique design on it that any grown man would love to receive as a gift.

With seven types of hats and countless customization options to choose from along with free design services, The/Studio makes custom manufacturing accessible to everyone.

Learn more about custom hats


Custom Father’s Day Pins

Custom Backpack Pins - Plastic

Pins are versatile, inexpensive, and so fun. When it comes to creating a custom father’s day pin, you can go as bold or as silly as you’d like – since they’re small, they pack a punch but don’t make TOO wild of a statement! You could create small dad-themed custom enamel pins or a classy lapel pin Dad could wear each day to work.

With six types of pins and infinite customization possibilities to choose from along with free design services thrown in with every order, you can create a 100% customized pin with The/Studio in just a few minutes.


Learn more about custom pins


Custom Father’s Day Tie Bars

custom tie bars

A lot of dads have more ties than they even know what to do with… but how about tie bars? Rather than adding to Dad’s endless tie collection, tie bars can be worn with any tie, every single day. And while they may seem a little dated, they’ve totally started to come back in style.

You could create a tie bar with a sentimental Father’s Day message or a cool engraved design. They’re great to sell on their own or in a curated Father’s Day gift bundle.

With 20 finishes, four clasp types, four design options, and professional-level packaging available, it only takes a few moments to create a beautiful custom Father’s Day tie bar with The/Studio.

Learn more about custom tie bars here


Custom Father’s Day Cufflinks

suit and custom cufflink

Sure, they’re a little old-school, but they’re still just as classy as ever. Create custom cufflinks to add a touch of personality to Dad’s professional wear, whether you go with a sophisticated embossed design or a bold pop of color.

With 20 finishes, four cufflink types, and practically limitless customization options, The/Studio is a great place to start creating custom cufflinks.

Learn more about custom cufflinks here


How to Create Custom Father’s Day Products

Interested in creating one or multiple of these different types of custom Father’s Day products? Use The/Studio’s DIY product creation tool to streamline the entire process. With no MOQs and free shipping, it’s a straightforward and economical way to secure the perfect Father’s Day gift.


Start bringing your product ideas to life here!





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