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Custom Sock Terminologies

Custom socks are so unique in that you can create a piece that is totally made for your business. Interestingly, these distinctive socks are one of the most appreciated gift for your employees, customers, and loved ones. 

Still, uniqueness comes with a price, and a number of technical jargons that might make you back off in the process of your creation. Luckily here at The/Studio, you don’t have that kind of problem since our creative team can support you (for free!).

It still doesn’t hurt to know more on all the possible customization abilities that you can do with your custom socks, right? When creating a design for the first time, you may likely come across technical sock terminologies that you may not recognize. Here is an outline of different terms you need to know to successfully create your first design.

Compression Ribbing

The first thing that comes to mind here would be to imagine compression ribbing as some conjured image of thick stockings that may sag at the knee or ankles. 

But gone are the days of those grandma’s old compression socks. Nowadays, there are tons of designs of more fashionable compression stocking in town. A favorite option anyone might consider here would be that of the thigh-high variety. 

In your choice of custom socks, always lookout for a stretchy kind of socks that gently squeezes your leg when worn. Many of these compression socks are designed with graduated pressure to provide a tight fit around the ankle, and they get a bit looser when pulled up the leg. 

Their primary goal is to help minimize leg pain and aches and prevent vein embolism, to mention a few. Thus, you can enjoy less pain and swelling in the legs. 

As the name implies; they compress or put pressure on the feet and leg. When considering a compression sock, also ensure you get the right measurements.

Terry Cushion

Custom Sock Extra Thick (included Terry cushioning around 70g)

Terry is a manufacturing technique where a sock area is knitted with a secondary loop to produce extra cushioning. Also, terry style socks are created to improve comfort, make your feet more comfy and warm.

Whether you choose a custom dye sublimated socks or other variants, choosing the sock length or preference for other features such as cushion is essential. It is a prerequisite for making a wise and profitable custom sock choice. 

You can have the full terry in some styles, which covers the whole foot, or half terry, which covers the sole area only. Meanwhile, some individuals might not know if their customized socks should include terry. 

This is where choosing a professional manufacturer comes in, particularly one that can help select the perfect and appropriate style based on what you intend to use the socks for. 

No-slip Bottom Grips

Jacquard Knit is the most popular fabrication type.

This is another feature you should look out for in choosing a customized sock. No-slip bottom grips are tread patterns on the sole or ventral area, which helps improve traction.

Custom Socks Embroidery

Custom embroidery is the process of working delicate designs onto fabric. It is used to showcase logo designs, custom artwork, and names of organizations on various socks fabrics. 

Always be on the lookout for this design element, and one interesting part of this is that you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Sewn-on Labels

Sew on labels is a classic way to label socks. They are special and unique personalized labels on your preferred socks. To make the perfect and appropriate custom socks, you need to watch out for the pattern and labels you prefer on the respective designs.

Printed/knitted Designs

Knitting involves the use of optical sensors and computer-controlled precision needles to text knit text or logos into the sock’s fabric! Your digitally proposed design will be personalized to suit your choice, then the knitting tool will do the rest. 

On the other hand, printing text involves placing your submitted text composed on specialized paper to print the text or logo to the fabric. A heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees transfers the text on your socks.

Custom Cuff Shape

If you want to upgrade your custom socks or step your style up a notch, you can try the custom cuff shape. It is a simple upgrade that looks like cat ears or a jagged cuff line.

Invisible Leg Part Socks

Invisible leg part socks help give a barrier of protection between your feet and footwear on the down-low. They are perfect for loafers, sneakers, slides, and ballet flats.

Knee-high Socks

Knee highs (also called thigh-high socks) are stockings with an elastic top that touches the knee. They are pretty versatile in style and can be worn with sneakers, flats, boots, and heels.

Dye Sublimated Designs

dye sublimated custom socks

Dye sublimation is a process that involves dying uniform colors and design elements such as lettering, logos, numbers, texts, or sponsor logos directly into the socks. This design creates stylish, comfortable, and vibrant full-color socks.


Quarter socks go up above your ankles and touch your shins. These socks help prevent sores in the region where your Achilles touches your shoes. A great option if you often have heel blistering resulting from shoe friction.

There may be more manufacturing terms that may not be included here, but as mentioned, we have a team who can support you throughout the process to get you through all that. 

Having a bit knowledge of these terminologies can open up to more possible product ideas for your shop, which means more options for your customers. Luckily all your custom sock opportunities may be found here.




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