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Cute Embroidered Patches for Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching! Start designing cute embroidered patches for your Halloween celebrations.

It’s official, we’re approaching spooky season FAST! Leaves are turning colors, the air is getting cooler, and retail stores have already started carrying Halloween merchandise. Before we know it, October will be here! 

Do we need to remind you what a big money-making opportunity Halloween is? If you’re new to The/Studio blog, maybe you aren’t clued in, but the short story is that Halloween is a HUGE chance to create and sell custom merch. 

custom halloween themed patches

Custom patches are one of our top-selling merch items, and time is of the essence to get cute embroidered patches ordered in time for Halloween! We’re already in mid-August, and stores typically start putting out Halloween merchandise in September at the latest… So it’s time to think HALLOWEEN. Here’s why.

Why Choose Embroidered Patches for Halloween Merch? 

For starters, patches are extremely versatile. You can sell patches alone or you can adhere them to other merchandise, such as jean jackets, leather jackets, or backpacks. The markup potential for patches is also incredible, whether you sell them by themselves or adhered to another item. All it takes is a flashy design or a unique concept and you have a patch that you can sell for over 10x the production cost.

Patches are both inexpensive to ship and easy to store because they’re so small and compact. They’re also extremely cheap to produce! You can create custom embroidered patches here at The/Studio for only $0.61 each (for 200 patches)! For Halloween, it’s a cinch to come up with cute and spooky designs that look amazing as patches, from ghosts to jack-o-lanterns to vampire bats and skeletons. 

Still unsure? Let’s put it this way. On Etsy, you can find embroidered Halloween patches going for as high as $15.99. If you sell 200 patches at $15.99, that’s over $3,000 in profit!

Note: We offer seven different styles of patch at The/Studio (and DOZENS of customization options beyond that), but embroidered patches are by far our most popular, offering that “classic” patch look. Made with fabric backing and textured threading, this iconic patch type looks and feels high-quality and can support designs with 9+ colors. Embroidered patches are recommended for military organizations, motorcycle clubs, Scout troops, fashion brands, law enforcement, and fire departments 

How Much Would it Cost to Make Custom Embroidered Patches? 

As we mentioned above, 200 embroidered Halloween patches will cost $0.61/patch at a base level, but please keep in mind that pricing will change based on special options, sizing, material, and so on.

For example, if you make 200 patches, each 3 x 3 inches, with 75% embroidery coverage, iron-on backing, polyester blend twill, embroidered border, and 1-9 color thread, you’ll end up with a total cost of $212.40. (This takes into account our 100% FREE shipping and an ongoing 40% OFF promotion.)

Remember, this is just an estimate based on certain parameters, so speak with a Creative Specialist or use our Create Tool to get more accurate prices depending on your exact patch design.

The point is… Halloween is ALMOST HERE! It won’t do to miss out on the spooky season patch craze. Use the link below to get started with your batch of Halloween patches. We can’t wait to see what designs you come up with : ) 

Design Embroidered Patches for Halloween Today




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