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Designing One-of-a-Kind Items: How Much Do Custom Pins Cost to Create?

Maybe every manufacturer in every industry says this, but in the case of accessories, it’s particularly true: Custom products really do come in a wide range of costs. With an order of 100 lapel pins, for example, you could be looking at a total order cost of anywhere from $2.53 to $3.13 (as you can see in the chart below) depending on how large the pins are. And this chart doesn’t even take into account the 20+ additional customizations that could impact cost beyond these basic figures:

Per Unit Pin Pricing*
Size 50 100 200 300 500 5000
.5 x .5 in $4.28 $2.53 $1.78 $1.27 $1.01 $0.51
.5 x 1 in $4.36 $2.58 $1.82 $1.30 $1.03 $0.52
1 x 1 in $4.42 $2.62 $1.87 $1.36 $1.06 $0.54
1 x 1.5 in $4.50 $2.67 $1.97 $1.44 $1.10 $0.58
1.5 x 1.5 in $4.68 $2.80 $2.11 $1.64 $1.18 $0.64
1.5 x 2 in $5.04 $3.02 $2.29 $1.82 $1.37 $0.81
2 x 2 in $5.26 $3.16 $2.43 $1.96 $1.51 $0.94

*Price subject to change based on availability and customization choices.

The easiest way to figure out the price of your particular project is to use our online product creation tool. Within a few clicks, you can make all of your design decisions and receive a live-updated price for your total order.

If you’re not quite yet ready to dive in with a product of your own, consider the following examples to see if a custom pin would be the right product given your budget and needs.

Basic Custom Pin Cost

basic custom pin

At The/Studio, we consider a 1×1” soft enamel pin with a butterfly clasp to be the standard base when it comes to pricing. This is one of the least expensive custom pin options you’ll find anywhere on the market while allowing for a good amount of customization — even as the most affordable option, it’s got a lot of creative punch. We offer a wide range of design decisions at this price point so you can truly make this pin your own. Here’s an example of how affordable a few add-ons are that’ll distinguish your pin even further

Core Finish Backing Extras TOTAL
Soft enamel pin with up to

5 colors used

Shiny or antique finish in

6 possible colors

Butterfly clutch or rubber clutch backing Fine or coarse sandblasting optional $1.81 per pin

for a 300 ct. order*

*Price subject to change based on availability and customization choices.

A huge number of creators in our community have imagined greatness with this simple, foundational format. What could you create?

Deluxe Custom Pin Cost

deluxe custom pin

An infinite number of pricing options exist in between the extremes of the custom pin industry. At The/Studio, for instance, we offer 7 core options, 14 possible finishes, 8 backing choices, and 12 extras, in addition to as many enamel colors as you can dream up. That’s a lot of room for prices to fluctuate, but at the higher end of our spectrum, our pins turn heads every time.

If you’re interested in creating a 1×1 pin with a few of these eye-catching add-ons, here’s a mid-priced example for your consideration:

Core Finish Backing Extras TOTAL
Hard enamel pin (cloissonné) with 11-13 colors Shiny finish in

7 possible colors

Deluxe clutch backing Engraved back $3.22 per pin

for a 300 ct. order*

*Price subject to change based on availability and customization choices.

The biggest difference between this middle-of-the-road custom pin and the basic pin above is the choice of core material and the number of enamel colors chosen. Hard enamel is generally more expensive to produce, but they are smooth to the touch, creating a tactile effect that can’t be achieved with soft enamel, and these costs grow with the number of colors you add to the design. If you’re looking for a bit more design freedom, a pin in the deluxe price range might be the perfect fit.

Premium Custom Pin Cost

custom premium pin

So you want the Cadillac of pins. All of our pins are fully customized and equally impressive to the eye — but now we’re talking truly high-end. The premium custom pin has all the extra bells and whistles. Here’s an example of a truly premium 1×1 pin and its price point:

Core Finish Backing Extras TOTAL
Offset printed pin with thick epoxy dome Dual shiny silver and gold finish Bar magnet backing Embossed back, rhinestones $4.88 per pin

for a 300 ct. order*

*Price subject to change based on availability and customization choices.

Again, the difference is in the details. The premium example is a photo-realistic printed pin with a thick glossy coating. The bar magnet backing makes this pin feel truly high-quality. As a finishing touch, the rhinestones add sparkle and a further feel of originality to the design. If you’re looking for the best-of-the-best, this is the pin for you.

Additional Factors Affecting How Much Custom Pins Cost

If you’re embarking on your first-ever custom pin order, it’s useful to know that these are not the only possible costs you’ll run into. Of course, if you were to increase the size of the pin beyond the 1×1 ratio we’ve chosen for our examples, your costs would expand, too. You also need to consider shipping costs, as well as packaging for retail-ready projects that arrive prepared for immediate resale.

Other “soft costs” that emerge during the manufacturing process could include design fees (for whoever creates your tech-pack) and costs associated with quality control (or lack thereof). These are issues that typically arise for customers who manufacture through Alibaba or similar direct-to-factory networks.

By working with an on-demand custom manufacturer like The/Studio, you mitigate all of these additional costs. Our shipping is completely free across the United States and our design and quality control teams are at your service for free as well. We’re also an excellent resource for creating custom backer cards or other accessories that will make your pins retail-ready. All backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Regardless of how expensive your material costs may be, working with a partner like The/Studio can help you keep long-term costs low and guarantee high quality for every custom pin order.

The/Studio is a custom on-demand manufacturing firm with thousands upon thousands of pin orders under our belt. Contact us to learn how much your custom pins cost to create with our tried-and-true process. We’d be thrilled to help you create a product that meets the scope of your imagination.




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