Do Iron-On Patches Work on a Fleece?

Fleece is a trendy winter fabric that everyone loves. If you’ve wanted to spruce up your fleece jacket or hoodie, you may have considered iron-on patches. But do they actually work on fleece? We’ll share whether iron patches can stick onto fleece and, if so, give tips on ironing them successfully.

Can You Iron on Custom Patches to Fleece?

Yes, you can iron patches onto fleece, but it’s imperative to set the iron to its lowest setting. Under extremely high temperatures, fleece can quickly begin to shrink, discolor, or even melt.

Tips for Ironing on Patches to Fleece

While you can iron patches onto your fleece, you must follow specific steps to stick them on properly without damaging the fabric. We’ve laid out a few tips to ensure a successful application.

Using the Right Setting on the Iron

As mentioned, all fleece materials must use a low-heat setting. Made of polyester, fleece can quickly burn or melt when exposed to high heat. Excessive heat causes the fibers within the fleece to deform, warp, and shrink, affecting the fit and functionality of the garment.

Most irons run from 256 to 428 Fahrenheit (180 to 220 degrees Celsius). While polyester isn’t considered flammable, it can melt at about 428 degrees Fahrenheit and ignite at 824 degrees Fahrenheit.

A low heat setting lets you apply enough pressure and heat, so the patch sticks onto the fleece material without harming any fabric.


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Covering the Fleece with a Thin Cloth

The best way to protect your fleece from melting and ruining your garment is to put a thin cloth over the fleece clothing. This cloth provides a protective barrier to prevent the fleece from discoloring, losing shape, or even melting.

Ironing over the cloth also creates a leveled surface, which helps to eliminate wrinkles on the fleece. The fabric can also help ensure an even heat distribution across the patch for secure attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to additional questions about ironing on patches to your fleece.

Will Fleece Melt With an Iron?

Fleece is a delicate material made of polyester. As a result, it’s prone to melting and may even be set on fire when placed under extreme heat. While uncommon, we recommend avoiding direct contact and using the lowest heat setting on your iron.

Final Thoughts

Fleece jackets are a fantastic choice for staying cozy and warm during winter months. Consider an iron-on patch to personalize your favorite fleece clothing. Follow these tips to ensure your iron-on patch sticks seamlessly onto the fabric without damage.

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