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Gift Preps: Something that Reminds You of Your Childhood

You can never go wrong with anything that reminds you of the old times, especially those that involve all the happy memories you had when you were a child.

Your customers and even employees feel the same way. During the holidays, it’s always a nice touch to give them a sense of nostalgia through your gifts, and you can even share the joy by adding a few custom items you can stock in your shop.

To make it easier, we’ve picked the best Secret Santa holiday gifts that will inevitably bring out the inner kid in everyone.

Custom Items Inspired by your Favorite Toys or Cartoons

lego patch sample

How can we miss these if they’re on the top list that define our childhood? We’ve all been trying to avoid Santa’s naughty list just so we could see our favorite toys placed underneath the tree on a Christmas morning. Plus, let’s not forget the daily afternoon shows that make us wear pretend-capes so we could follow our childhood hero’s adventure.

This year, give this idea a go. Design an original art that’s inspired by the ones that made your early years great. It could be a custom sticker printed with that hero’s iconic line, or a set of iron-on patches representing the characters in those puppet shows you once loved. 

The 70s Styled Tape Player Iron-on Patches

retro patches

The tape player is one of childhood’s most treasured gadgets. To add a bit of nostalgia, you can present a custom patch inspired by the 70s styled tape player and recorder. With this patch, your giftee’s outfit or backpack will be serving up some sentimental music decor anywhere they go.

Snacks in the 80s or 90s

Pretty sure there were afternoon treats we used to love back then that no longer exist in the market, so let’s revive the simple joys by creating custom items out of these. They can be easy to manufacture as car stickers, or as posh as a custom metal keychain.

Rubik’s Cube Keychains

The Rubik’s cube is considered the most popular toy ever made and one of America’s most popular games in the early 80s. That said, Rubik cube inspired keychains will make the perfect gift for those that spent time as a child thinking about the mechanics of a Rubik’s Cube.

Help keep your giftee’s keys organized and mind occupied on the go with a small Rubik’s Cube keychain. You can also create a 3D design on patches or stickers – the possibilities and ideas are limitless.

Plushies Enamel Pins

Bring a tiny piece of your recipients’ childhood into the 21st century with plushies inspired enamel pins. These cuddly throwback pins could be your own artwork inspired by 90s Nick Toons or Cartoon Network classics, or anything that your eight-year-old self would approve.

Polaroid Camera Iron-on Patch

A nostalgic “Say Cheese” Polaroid Camera Iron-on Patch is the best gift idea for anyone that wants to make a statement. It is perfect for Hats, Clothing, Jackets, and more.

Plug and Play Game Patches

From Space Invaders and Pac-Man to Dig-Dug and Pitfall, the retro gaming attributes of the 70s characterized a generation. Now, game lovers of all ages can relive the classics with custom game patches. The patch is a perfect gift for every retro gamer. A cool Bomberman, arcade, or retro game controller styled patch would look great across bags, jackets, or other apparel!

There you have it! There are countless gift ideas for those on a mission to find the perfect gift for the ’70s, ’80s, and ‘90s lovers! However, the above rad gifts ideas for adults will bring your giftees some warm memories of game night sleepovers and classic movie binges.





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