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Custom Patches for Halloween Costumes

Halloween Patches

Halloween is just around the corner! There will be trick or treating , candy and of course there will be costumes , lot’s of costumes!!! Costumes are what makes Halloween special. We get to become someone else for the day. Finding the perfect costume can be a challenge and looking for accessories to complete the costume can be a daunting task but Patches by The/Studio has just the thing to complete any costume , we have custom patches!

I am going to share with you some custom patch ideas for Halloween costumes. You will find that Halloween patches will make any costume more realistic and you will be sure to win any Halloween contest!

Firefighter Costume: Who wouldn’t want to be a hero for the day? Every firefighter needs a custom insignia. We have created custom fire patches for real fire departments , so we know exactly what a real fire patch looks like!

Police Officer Costume: Fight crime for the day! Custom patches are essential to any police uniform. Patches by The/Studio can create an embroidered emblem fit for any police officer. We are very familiar with custom police patches so we can have you looking like a real police officer for the day!

Biker Costume: You have been watching way too much Sons of Anarchy and now you want to be a biker for Halloween. The two most important things to a biker is his/ her bike and their custom patch. Patches by The/Studio has created amazing custom biker patches. Our patches will have you feeling like Jax Teller!

Soccer Player Costume: Become David Beckham with a custom soccer patch for Halloween. Our Halloween patches will make you feel like you just stepped off the soccer field.

These are just a few suggestions but with a custom patch you can transform into anything!

I know this is two weeks too soon but Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!




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