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Happy Veterans Day

This Week’s Other Big Day

 With all the noise of a presidential election two years in the making, Veteran’s Day might feel like a bit of an afterthought. Not so for us. We’ve changed a great deal in the last decade but one common thread has always been our special relationship with the United States armed forces.
Though we don’t make tactical gear, we like to think we’re providing something equally important with our military patches and gear. Alongside the United States flag, we’ve emblazoned caps, bottle openers, challenge coins and more with thousands of group logos, squadron insignias and battalion shields. There’s something quite American about crafting fiercely individual representations that band together under the stars and stripes — and that’s a part of The/Studio identity that will never change.
 If you’re on the fence about investing in group gear from The/Studio, we’d like to make the decision a little easier. Today is the final day of our Veteran’s Day sale, offering 35% custom military patches and 15% off the rest of site. It’d be our pleasure to add your group to military heroes whom we proudly support.




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