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Put your sock on a custom backer card and create a unique presentation ready to sell.

Put your sock on a custom backer card and create a unique presentation ready to sell. Put your sock on a custom backer card and create a unique presentation ready to sell.
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Common Questions


How long will it take to ship my finished socks?

Shipping hinges primarily on your location, but we can use expedited services to ensure that your delivery meets your deadline. If you have one, please tell your representative right away so we can work towards beating it.

Do you ship to APO/FPO boxes?

Yes, we can. We proudly create thousands of socks for members of the armed forces. Please remember that your order, like everything else being shipped to APO/FPO boxes, may take a little longer to arrive!


What kind of mockups can I expect?

You’ll receive a digital mockup once your design has been created by our team. After you approve your mockup, we’ll produce a physical sample of the socks and send you images from the factory. Additionally, you can request to receive a physical sample in the mail – note that this will add time to your overall production timeline as well as a shipping fee.

Can you help explain each area of sock customization?

Sure! We want you to make informed decisions about the item you are creating. With so many areas of customization, you have full control of the finished product. That being said, we understand that it can be overwhelming to sort through each area. The terms below will help explain how each area contributes to the whole:
Style: Your desired style determines the length and general silhouette of the sock.
Fabrication: The fabrication you select will determine how design elements are applied to the finished product – details can either be integrated into the knit or applied via sublimation or printing.
Size: Select your desired size to continue the customization process. Different orders will need to be placed for multiple sizes – we recommend “Men’s Standard” as this size fits most.
Material: Your desired material determines how the sock will look and feel. We’ve selected standard blends that provide a breadth of sock styles for you to choose.
Thickness: Select your desired thickness to create the sock that best fits your needs.
Upgrades: We offer a variety of upgrades to make your socks more functional and special.
Branding & Packaging: Wether re-selling or gifting, it’s important to think about how your socks will be presented. We encourage you to add labels and packaging – this saves you time and money!


How long does it take to make my socks?

Each order’s turnaround time depends on your design and its complexity. During the design and manufacturing processes, your representative will be able to provide you with delivery and shipment estimates — you’ll also receive email updates as your order makes it way through our system.

Where will my socks be made?

We work with an international network of factories to fulfill our orders — in places from China and the Philippines to the United States and beyond. Your order will be matched with the factory that can best execute your design. If you have specific production requirements like made-in-the-USA,  we’re happy to make accommodations.

Is there a final quality check?

Yes. After your socks have been manufactured, they are checked at the factory and double-checked at our distribution center to ensure design fidelity and quality. If there are any issues, we will notify you and work together to address any issues.


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