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Holiday Labels and Packaging Ideas For Your Brand

With the weather turning from crisp cold to icy blue freeze, pretty twinkly lights, and festive coffees everywhere, it can only mean one thing: we are on our way to Christmas. And, if you’re a small business owner, it’s time to get on board with the celebrations, display your brand and what you offer.

However, with countless holiday products and stores to shop from this season, how can a small business owner stand out from the crowd?

Simple – special festive labels and packaging! Festive packaging boosts your brand image, accents the special holiday offer, and creates an avenue to surprise your customers.

We believe a lovely packaging can be as enthralling as the mysterious gift that dwells inside, and thankfully, it doesn’t have to be pricey or challenging to design a gift box that makes a lasting impression.

Today, we’ll be talking about holiday packaging and labels, but before we delve into some inspiration for festive labels and packaging, let’s discuss why your business needs them.

Break into a New Market

Custom Labels for the Holidays - Dark
Many people have purchased new product brands because something about the packaging appealed to them emotionally. The festive season amplifies this behavior as people tend to buy products that reflect the holidays. 

Many businesses would also use holiday labels and packaging to break into new markets as well as retain their old customers.

Take Kleenex, for example. During the holiday, most people often need tissues to combat runny noses, allergy reactions, and the flu in general. But Kleenex understands the importance of holiday packages, and that’s why they are known for their unique colorful designs.

Kleenex actually has a house-shaped package that whimsically dispenses tissue via its “chimney” like a puff of smoke.

Increased Revenue

It is the season to engage and attract as many customers as possible. That said, you can increase your revenue by as much as 20% this holiday season if you revamp your product packages.


On average, people purchase more during the holiday season than they do throughout the year. They buy gifts for people, stock up for huge meals and get-togethers.

But most importantly, people are in a shopping mood and love Christmas window shopping. A nicely packaged product could capture the interest of a potential customer and make them buy from you.

Builds Relations Between Buyer and Brand

The buying decisions of most buyers are influenced by product packaging. Surprisingly but true, packaging creates a connection between buyer and brand. 

You can use yours to tell a story or pass a message that is integral to the season. Just remember to create an emotional connection between your product and your target customer.

No matter how you’d like to splice it, the packaging of any product weighs in on the decision to buy. That being said, let’s explore some label and packaging ideas, shall we?

Labels and Packaging Ideas to Promote Your Brand 


You might just need to do something elaborate or on a grand scale to promote your brand this season. Use tubes printed with striking graphics for the best gift packaging.

Christmas Colors – Red and Green

Custom Label for the Holidays - Green

Christmas lights and trees often come in red and green colors. And guess what? They’re ideal for label and packaging designs. Incorporating these colors in a holiday-themed package sends a statement about the season. 

Even if you don’t want to change your branding this season, it won’t hurt to add a pop of Christmas colors to your packaging.


Custom Stickers will not only help promote your brand, but it will also make your products look upscale— particularly in gold.


A little brand awareness can make a huge difference when promoting your brand. And using embossing (a print technique that forms a 3D effect on a box’s surface) can help maximize your brand’s visual symbols. By adding this technique to your design, you’ll get a luminescent effect that can’t be overlooked by potential customers!

Die Cut

The right package can deliver an unforgettable experience to your consumers and advertise to gifters. Use die cuts for your packaging to create innovative ways to present your product.

Funny Texts

The holiday season is all about love, upliftment, and light. Do you know that packaging can help put a smile on your customer’s faces? How can you achieve this?

Surprise your customers by creating a funny hand-written font or slide in a thank-you note inside the package.

Butcher Paper

Butcher and printed paper are holiday favorites. Use paper to wrap a hard object or apparel inside a package. Next, close it up with a ribbon or sticker.

Foil Stamp

A foil stamp gives off an elegant feel during the holidays. Although they are mostly metallic, they also come in black or white. In all, if you want to take your business’ mark a notch higher, give this packaging idea a go!

Holiday Labels

A label often features every important brand details and the products inside the package. You can use large stickers to dress up different cardboard box sizes, printed or plain. They’re ideal for simple and quick customization during the Christmas crunch time.

Christmas Ornaments

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, include something extra in your packaging design. Add small Christmas ornaments like jingle bells at the top of the package to pass on the holiday spirit everywhere it goes!


Let your holiday packages tell a story that people can resonate with. 

The Coca-Cola polar bear cans were designed to create awareness about saving polar bears. On the other hand, Starbucks’ popular holiday red cups have a heart where you can write down the recipient’s name. While these may look simple and basic, they make quite an impact on the buyers. 

Finally, entice Customers! Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a list and still bought something extra? The extra things you bought are impulse buys, driven purely by emotion. 

Knowing this, you can make your packages so attractive that buyers won’t be able to stop themselves from buying.

Don’t miss out on extra revenue and an opportunity to break into new markets. There’s still time, but barely, so let’s get started with those custom labels and packaging designed today.




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