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How To Sew On A Custom Patch

You received your custom patch with a sew-on backing , now what? You need to sew your custom patch onto the article of clothing you desire but you have never sewed on anything in your life , you began to wonder why you chose sew-on backing in the first place. Let me remind you that sew-on backing is one of the most durable backing options and can last a lifetime. You can be confident in your decision because I am going to guide you through the whole sew-on patch process. After reading this blog , you will be able to sew on anything , okay maybe not anything but you will be able to sew on a custom emblem! Let’s get started!

Items needed:
Custom Patch
Article of clothing that the patch will adhere to
Thread (needs to be the same color of the clothing or the color of the edge of the patch)

Step 1: Make sure that your clothing has been washed , dried and ironed before you begin. Iron the area of clothing that the patch will be placed before sewing.

Step 2: Position the custom emblem where you want it to go.

Step 3: Try on your clothing with the custom patch attached to a safety pin. This will make sure that you have positioned the patch correctly.

Step 4: Cut a piece of string. Start with a piece of thread no longer than 18 inches (45cm). Longer pieces tend to get tangled and are harder to work with than shorter ones.

Step 5: Thread the needle and tie a knot on the end of the thread.

Step 6: Put the needle through the clothing under the custom patch to start the first stitch. It should be positioned so that the ends of the thread that are beyond the knot will be hidden under the insignia and won’t stick out.

Step 7: Stick the needle back up through the clothing and catch the edge of the custom patch with the needle. Put the needle back through the clothing about 1/4″ (6mm) away. You have made your first stitch! Good job!

Step 8 : Continue stitching the patch to the clothing all the way around the edge of the patch. Remove the pins.

Step 9: When you have sewn all the way around the edge of the insignia, knot the thread and pull the needle through between the patch and the clothing . Cut the ends of the thread beyond the knot to about 1/2″ (1cm) long. Tuck them under the embroidered emblem.

Step 10: Congratulations! You did it! Enjoy!

If you follow these 9 steps , your custom embroidered patch will be sewn on perfectly! The process was easier than you thought, right? You should be very proud of yourself for sewing on your custom emblem yourself and for choosing the best backing option. Enjoy your new custom patch!




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