How to Customize Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are one of the most popular caps out there – and for understandable reasons. They’re a timeless classic that provides ample protection from the sun, not to mention their quintessential style factor!

If you want to take this style to the next level, consider customizing your very own. In this short guide, we’ll take you through five ways The/Studio can help you make your very own personalized trucker hat. Let’s jump in!

5 Ways of Customizing a Trucker Hat

1. Bill Shape

The first round of customization with your trucker hat is to decide what kind of bill you want. Traditionally, trucker hats are known for having a classic curved bill. Why? This shape is typically better for keeping the sun out of your eyes while driving, as it covers all angles. However, flat bills are still a perfectly acceptable option for your trucker hat if that’s your preference! The choice is entirely yours – that’s the beauty of customization.

2. Embroidery

This element is exciting for many since you can put your customized stamp on your trucker hat! If you don’t want any embroidery on your hat, that’s certainly an option, but at The/Studio, we have four amazing options to choose from. This includes embroidery in up to three locations and a fourth ‘Unlimited Embroidery’ option for next-level customization! Our fourth option includes a design on the cap itself and along the bill.

3. Packaging

If you plan on selling your personalized trucker hats, pay attention here. Packaging dictates your brand representation – and how the product will arrive to your customers. You can opt out of packaging if this isn’t relevant to you, but if it is, we offer five unique options, including:

  • Patch: a custom patch sewn onto the cap, created separately as an individual design
  • Hang Tag: a custom heavyweight hangtag with your personalized branding attached
  • Label: a custom woven label sewn into the interior of the cap, usually along the taping
  • Patch: a custom patch sewn into the cap via satin stitching
  • Individual Clear Opp Bag: each hat arrives in their own clear opp bag

If you’re still deciding which unique option to choose right now, don’t worry. Inspiration will likely strike once you’re further into the design process.


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4. Interior Taping

The interior taping refers to the structure and design of the inside of the cap. This usually consists of one sweatband going around the entirety of the cap, with six strips moving into the center. We offer a total of six kinds of interior taping, including solid colors, mesh, elastic, and custom printed. You can also customize the color of some of the interior panels to match the overall design better. It’s all in your hands!

5. Printing

Finally, your last customization step is choosing your preferred printing style. We offer five different printing options, including multiple colors and patterns designed precisely to your preference. You can also choose from two different printing techniques: screen and digital. Screen printing provides that perfect nostalgic feel so many of us are familiar with, whereas digital provides a more crisp picture, making it ideal for bold designs and statements! No matter what you choose, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Print on a Trucker Hat?

Absolutely! In fact, trucker hats are ideal for it thanks to their traditional foam-front panels and lack of apparent seams. These factors would ordinarily disrupt any attempted printing, but trucker hats make it easier than ever.

How Do You Put a Logo on a Trucker Hat?

Many options are available to you, though the two most popular would be through printing or embroidery. We specialize in both, so leave it to us to provide you with a product you’ll love.

Make Your Own Custom Trucker Hats With The/Studio!

Here at The/Studio, we know what it takes to create a high-quality product with impressive visual appeal. We take pride in our work and want you to feel proud of your creation too! If you wish to purchase your own custom trucker hat, don’t hesitate to get started!



Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom products.


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