How to Design Your Own Cap

We live in exciting times where almost everything can be manufactured and customized to your liking. And that includes the classic baseball cap. At The/Studio, we specialize in creating custom caps to your specific design and specifications, at reasonable prices with low minimums.

We use the same factories as big brands Diesel and Polo, so you know you’re getting high-quality caps. If you want to design your own cap, keep reading to find out how you can create your dream hat.

Design Your Own Cap - Custom Hats

What Types of Caps Can You Create?

Some print-on-demand companies allow you to order caps with simple customizations such as adding your logo or text. But at The/Studio, we manufacture on demand, which means you can design your own cap from scratch. We don’t have a set hat which you have to adjust your vision to fit. Instead, you design the hat from start to finish, beginning with its structure to material, colors, and more.

Hat Structure/Style

You might think a cap is a cap but there’s more to it than that. Caps come in different structure styles and we allow you to choose from a variety of hat structures when you design your cap:


6-Panel Cap

6-paneled personalized baseball caps are a classic (and our most popular) choice. It’s a familiar style and a comfortable fit, making it a favorite among our customers.

5-panel cap

5-Panel Cap

With its roots in nautical and military wear, this cap was adapted for streetwear in the 1980s. It offers a sleek, streamlined look that’s both trendy and timeless.

5 Panel w/ Pinch

This retro-inspired cap style is particularly accommodating for large patch or embroidery designs. The pinch gives the cap a structured, elevated look.

Hat Material

When it comes to custom caps, the material is just as important as the style. We’ve got a wide selection of materials for you to choose from, each with their own perks:

100% Cotton Twill

Our most popular pick! This material is thick, sturdy, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. It’s the reliable choice for a cap that’s both durable and comfy.

Cotton/Poly Twill

A little lighter than its 100% cotton cousin, this blend is known for being more breathable and light. It’s the go-to for those sunny days when you need something a bit more airy, though it’s a bit more prone to wrinkles.



Corduroy is perfect for fashion-forward brands looking to make a statement. Cord caps give a vintage vibe mixed with contemporary cool.

Poly Mesh

Poly Mesh

Perfect for athletes and sports fans! This technical fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking, ideal for high-energy activity.

Colour Printed Twill

Full Color Printed Twill

Dreaming of colorful custom printed caps? Twill is what you need. Perfect for those bold, vibrant designs that cover the entire cap.

70 Acrylic - 30 Wool-Blend

30% Wool/Acrylic Blend

Think classic MLB caps. This blend offers the thickest, most luxurious feel for your custom caps.



All the elegance of suede, but totally animal cruelty-free. It’s soft, sophisticated, and a hit with the ethical fashion crowd.



Get the luxe look of leather without the guilt. This material is perfect for a sleek, edgy cap that turns heads.



Silky, smooth, and runway-ready. Ideal f

or those who love a bit of luxury, and it’s fabulous with rhinestones for that extra sparkle.

Screen Printed Twill

Want to add a screen-printed design to your cap? This is your go-to material for making that graphic pop.

Hat Profile Shape

The profile shape of your custom caps can be customized too! You can leave your hat completely unstructured for a “dad hat” look or choose from foam or buckram options for a more structured cap. The latter gives a more retro look!

Hat Bill Shape

The bill, or visor, of your cap, can also be customized to fit your preferences. We offer two options: flat and curved. The curved bill is our most popular choice and a timeless classic. On the other hand, the flat bill caters to those who prefer an edgier look. Though it comes in and out of fashion, it remains a mainstay in skater and streetwear circles. The flat bill is known for giving the cap a more pronounced, bold look, for a distinct style statement.

Cap Closure

The finishing touch to any great cap is the closure – it’s not just functional, but it also adds to the cap’s style and comfort. At The/Studio, we offer a variety of closure options to make sure your custom caps fit just right and look amazing. Here’s a rundown of the closure styles we offer:

Velcro Strap

A top pick for its versatility and ease of use. Velcro straps are particularly popular for caps in lower price ranges, but don’t be fooled – even luxury brands love them for their simplicity and adjustability.

Metal Tri-Glide

Speaking of luxury, the Metal Tri-Glide closure is a common favorite among high-end brands. It offers a sleek, refined look that adds a little bit of elegance to your custom caps.

Metal Bucklee Bronze

Metal Buckle (Bronze)

Another luxury favorite, the bronze metal buckle brings a classic, timeless charm to your cap – style meets sophistication here.


Plastic Snapback

For a retro look, the plastic snapback is the way to go. Especially popular as part of a custom trucker hat design, this closure adds a vintage vibe that’s both fun and functional.



Made popular by New Era, the fitted closure is non-adjustable and comes in various sizes. It’s a neat choice for those who prefer a snug fit.


Faux-Leather Strap with Custom Buckle

Add a bit of luxury with a faux-leather strap. This is perfect if you’re appealing to a more high-end fashion audience.


Plastic Tri-Glide

Similar to the metal buckle but in plastic, this option is common with the 5-panel cap. It’s both a functional and casual style.

Metal Buckle (Custom)

Customize your cap even further with an etched design on the metal buckle. It’s a fantastic way to boost your branding.

One Size Fits Most

Popularized by FlexFit caps, this option includes elastic in the band of the cap, allowing for a comfortable fit for most head sizes. It comes in S/M and L/XL sizes.

Custom Cap Embroidery

Embroidery can truly transform a cap from simple to spectacular. We have a flexible and affordable approach to embroidery, allowing you to add as much (or as little) embroidery as you want, wherever you want, at a price that makes sense.

Since we’re manufacturing your hat from scratch, we embroider the fabric first and then construct the cap, so you get a flawless end product. You can choose from 1-3 embroidering locations, including front, back, sides and visor. If you want to go all out, we also offer unlimited embroidery. And if you don’t want any embroidery at all, that’s fine too!

Custom Labeling

Another way to add a personalized touch to your cap is through custom labeling. We offer sewn-in labels that can feature your brand logo, website, or any other information you’d like. We also have options for printed labels and tags. If you want something more prominent, we can sew on a patch to the front featuring your logo. Our custom labeling gives your cap that professional finish.

Profile Height

The profile height of a cap refers to the distance between the peak and the base of the cap. There are three main types of profile heights: high, medium, and low. A high-profile cap has a taller front panel and is great for people who have larger heads or like a more pronounced look. Medium-profile caps have a shorter front panel and are considered the most universal style, fitting most head sizes and shapes. Low-profile caps have the shortest front panel and are known for their sleek and modern look. We can do all three, depending on what you need!

Exterior & Interior Details

When designing your custom caps, the details really matter, both inside and out. We let you add as many little details as you like to get that perfect custom cap. Externally, you have a variety of options like different eyelet colors, metal finishes, custom bill stitching, or even unique features like a layered bill effect or no eyelets for a sleeker look. You can also add personalized touches like custom piping, mesh, or a washing effect to make your cap stand out. Internally, customize the sweatband or cap taping in your chosen color, or go for custom printed taping with your logo for an extra special touch.

Custom Hat Printing

Printing is a great way to add colorful designs or logos to your custom caps. We offer screen printing with 2 colors, either in one location or all over the entire cap. Our printing method can reproduce complex designs and colorful, vibrant logos. It’s a great option for designs that would be difficult to embroider.

How to Create Your Own Cap

As you can see, we really do offer full customization for our caps. So how do you go about designing your own cap? It’s simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick your preferred hat style. Choose the type of hat you want, considering the look you’re going for and its function.
  2. Start customizing. Explore a huge number of customization options, including material, color, and additional features to make your hat unique.
  3. Submit your artwork. You can either upload your own design or work with The/Studio’s in-house design team to create artwork suitable for your hat.
  4. Approve our mockup. We’ll create a mockup of your hat design, which you can review. You can also request a physical sample of your hat for approval, to make sure it meets your expectations.
  5. Wait for production and Delivery. Once approved, your custom hats will be produced and shipped to you with free tracking!

It really is that easy. We offer low minimums so you can order a few hats to get a feel for whether they’ll sell well before committing to a larger batch.

Create Your Own Cap with The/Studio

If you’re ready to design your own cap, then simply create an account on The/Studio and start designing! You can also explore our custom hat options in more detail to get an idea of the different types of hats and styles we offer. From custom snapback hats to dad hats and trucker caps to visors, you dream it and we create it. So why wait? Design your own cap today with The/Studio.


What are custom hats?

Custom hats are personalized caps that can be designed and created according to your specifications and preferences. They often feature unique details, colors, and designs that are unique to the designer.

What type of cap is most popular?

The most popular type of custom cap is the traditional structured, mid-profile cap. It offers a classic look and fits well on most head sizes. However, different types of caps may be more popular for certain niches. For example, trucker caps are often preferred in the outdoor and sports industry. Skaters and alternative fashion lovers may prefer flat bill caps.

Can I customize a cap?

Yes, our website offers a wide variety of customization options for you to create your own cap. You can choose the style, materials, colors, and add personalized details such as embroidery or printing.

What color cap goes with everything?

If you’re looking for a versatile option, black or white caps tend to match well with most outfits and styles.



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