How to Price Embroidery Patches

If you’re wondering how to price your embroidery patches, you’re in luck! Let’s break it down. 

There’s no question about it… Custom embroidery patches are our most popular type of patch. Made with fabric backing and textured threading, this iconic patch type looks and feels high-quality and can support designs with 9+ colors. Best of all, it’s easy to make a TON of profit on custom-made embroidery patches.

If you’re not sure what to price your embroidery patches, don’t worry. We love this question and we get asked it frequently! In short, we love answering this question because we love knowing that (in some small part) we’re involved in making your business dreams come true. 

But before we dive in, please know that you picked a GREAT product to start selling. Embroidered patches are inexpensive to make, but have a good markup value, and they’re also extremely inexpensive to store and ship. They’re perhaps the best custom merch product for new businesses!

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Our Advice on Pricing Embroidery Patches

It all starts with research. Find out how much your competitors are selling embroidered patches for. Besides looking at your obvious competitors, we also recommended looking on Etsy. Even if you don’t plan on selling your embroidered patches on the Etsy platform, it’s a good place to price things out. There are tons of sellers on there, so you can scope out a vast range of price points. 

Of course, we also recommend looking at well-known retail stores like Journeys and Urban Outfitters to see what their pricing is like. You never want to price yourself too low! You’d be surprised how well you can compete with these large-scale retailers if you have savvy marketing and a clean, eye-catching design. 

If you aren’t an e-commerce store, you should also keep in mind the stores around your brick-and-mortar location. You ALWAYS need to know what price the stores around you are selling the same product for—whether it’s a patch, sticker, hat, or any other custom merch item. So, with that out of the way…


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Let’s Get Down to the Numbers

Our basic quote for embroidered patches is $0.50 per patch for 200 patches. This, however, is our absolute minimum pricing, without special options and add-ons. This accounts for the cheapest patch design choices. Pricing will change spending on specifications you want to add, as well as the quantity of your order.

Of course, you’ll want to make your money back and then some, and the good news is that $0.50 per patch will leave you plenty of room for PROFIT. Patches offer an extremely high markup, and you can easily sell your patches (depending on size and any special options) for between $4 and $15 per patch. If you make your patch a “special edition” edition custom patch, you can possibly sell them for even more. It’s all up to your marketing and design choices.

So if you sell all 200 patches for the lowest price mentioned above ($4.00), you would still make $800. At $0.50/patch, you’ll only spend around $100 on your patches (and we offer FREE shipping), so you’re clearing $700! That’s a nice return on your investment, and that’s only using the LOWEST price point.

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