How To Style Fitted Hats

Hats are one of the oldest and most diverse kinds of accessories. They can be purely functional and utilitarian, used to protect your head and face from sun, wind, rain, or the cold – but they can also be fashionable, creating a personal aesthetic.

Hat fashion has evolved over the years, from old-school newspaper caps to the popular fitted caps of today. Fitted caps are a modern version of baseball hats. Fitted hats are designed for a snug and comfortable fit; some even have elastic in the hatband. They are incredibly versatile and can be styled to go with any outfit.

What Is a Fitted Hat?

Fitted hats resemble baseball caps or snapbacks; they have a rounded cap made of fabric panels and a bill typically worn to the front. How are they different? The key difference between fitted hats and other styles is that they are not adjustable. Baseball caps and snapbacks have either fabric or plastic straps at the back to adjust the size. On the other hand, fitted hats are designed for a precise fit and cannot be adjusted.

Tips for Styling Fitted Hats for the Ultimate Look

One of the best things about these caps is their versatility. You can find one for every occasion, from sporting events to outdoor activities – they can even be formal wear if you style it right.

Check out these styling tips to help you get the most out of your fitted hats.

Size Is Important

People often overlook the importance of getting a properly sized hat. Most, but not all, baseball caps have an adjustable strap on the back that allows for small size adjustments. But did you know hats come in different sizes?

Fitted hats don’t have these adjustable straps or snapbacks, so buying the right size is important. A well-fitting hat won’t slip off or be too tight. To measure your hat size, take a measuring tape around the head, falling on the middle of the forehead and just above the ears.

Play With Different Profiles

When styling a hat, it is important to consider the shape – or profile – that you want to achieve. This can set the tone of your outfit, and it can be fun to experiment with different profiles.

For example, if you want a loose, boxy, or high-profile fit, choose a hat made of stiffer materials, more batting, and a flatter bill. Choose more pliable materials and a rounded bill for a relaxed or low-profile look.


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Count Your Panels

“Panels” refer to the sections of fabric that make up the hat. Fitted hats are often made with 4-6 fabric panels, but you can have more or fewer depending on the look you’re going for. For a looser or more boxy fit, opt for fewer panels. Choose a hat with five or more panels if you want a more organic or streamlined look.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Materials

Hats are versatile accessories – don’t be afraid to experiment with bold material choices! Choosing different types of fabric can dramatically change the overall look of the hat. Incorporating unconventional materials like leather or velvet can work great as a statement piece.

It’s common to see a mix of materials in these hats. For example, if the front panels of the hat are made of leather, the back panels may be made of more traditional fabrics.

Experiment With Different Bill Shapes

The bill shape is an important factor in the overall fit and appearance of the hat. The bill frames your face and helps create the shape that others see when they look at you.

The two most common bill shapes are flat and rounded. Most hats are manufactured with flat bills, and this bill shape is most popular with “fashion” or “skater” hats. Rounded bills create a more snug fit and are more popular with casual and “athletic” hats.

Switch Up the Colors

Color is an integral part of styling any outfit. Color choices can evoke powerful sentiments and emotions and are a great way to add personal flair to your look. Color combinations and coordination also help an outfit look more cohesive – or help it stand out.

Don’t let yourself get boxed in when it comes to hat colors. Many people feel like they have to choose colors that they wear a lot of in their wardrobe so that their hats will match with more outfits. You don’t necessarily have to stick to coordinating colors or similar shades for a hat to work with an outfit. Choose the colors you like, and the rest will follow!

Remember To Keep It Clean

This might seem obvious, but many people overlook the importance of proper hat maintenance. Hats tend to collect sweat and oils from your hair, as well as dust and debris from the environment. A dirty or dingy hat is very noticeable and can take attention away from the rest of your outfit. Unwashed hats can cause issues such as acne, itchy scalps, dandruff, and even lice!

Keeping your hat clean will help extend its life and prevent hair and scalp issues. Most fitted hats come with cleaning instructions; be sure to read them before cleaning your hat! Some hats may be spot-clean or dry-clean only, while others can be put in the washer. It depends on the materials the hat is made from.

Final Thoughts

Fitted hats are a great addition to any outfit. They’re extremely versatile and can be a great form of advertising or a wonderful company gift. Finding the right size is important since these hat bands are not adjustable. Other important styling factors include the number of panels, the material, the bill shape, and the colors you choose.

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