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How to Turn Your Patch Into a Sticker

Custom patches and stickers are both great ways to promote your brand, but did you know it’s extremely easy to create both with one design?

Do you have a patch on your backpack, jacket, or duffel bag that you can’t get enough of? Or perhaps you just have a great custom patch idea mulling around in your head, one that you think could be perfect for your brand or organization. 

Either way, you should consider turning your custom patch (or patch idea) into a sticker!

custom patch turn into a custom sticker

While we make both custom patches and custom stickers, oftentimes stickers are the better choice, particularly for small businesses and first-time sellers. Regardless, there’s no need to stress about how to turn a patch into a sticker. It’s extremely easy. We’ll explain why in this article!

Why Turn Your Patch Into a Sticker? 

For starters, stickers are becoming extremely popular in 2022! The sticker industry will be worth $47.02 billion by 2026, so there’s a ton of money in the sticker game. It makes sense. Stickers are popular for a reason. They’re much more versatile than patches (you can put them anywhere and on anything with a flat surface), and they’re easier to apply (simply peel and stick). Stickers are also significantly less expensive than patches, both to make and to purchase, and they’re easier to ship, store, and carry. They weigh almost nothing and take up almost no space.

Besides, it’s a great idea for your brand to have two merch options available with the same design, and patch design and sticker designs easily translate between one another. 

Turning your custom patch into a sticker is a cinch with The/Studio. The process is seamless, fast, and simple. There’s no reason not to!

Here’s How to Turn Your Patch into a Sticker 

If you want to turn your patch into a sticker, it’s helpful if you ordered your patches from The/Studio (but if not, don’t worry!). If you did order a patch from us in the last two years, we likely still have your design on file. Contact one of our Creative Specialists and explain your situation (that you’d like to turn your preexisting patch design into a sticker). They’ll pull up your old design and get you sorted! 

If you didn’t order your patch with The/Studio, or if it’s been more than two years since your order, we probably won’t have your patch design on file. However, the process isn’t complicated. Simply speak with a Creative Specialist and share a picture of the patch that you would like turned into a sticker. Our specialist will recommend the best sticker design choices to transform your patch into a sticker, and help you get started. If you want to go through the custom sticker process on your own, you can always use our Create Tool to design your sticker based on your existing patch yourself! 

Sticker Options You Can Choose from to Turn Your Patch Into a Sticker 

We’ve made thousands upon thousands of stickers and patches over the years, and we’re often asked to turn custom patches into custom stickers. 

So we like to think we know a thing or two about the best customization choices for stickers, particularly those that were originally envisioned as patches. Below are some of the options you can choose from when you transform your patch into a sticker.


  • Vinyl stickers (classic white backing, our most popular sticker) 
  • Clear stickers (translucent material) 
  • Kraft paper stickers 
  • Metallic stickers 
  • Hologram stickers 

Sticker Cut 

  • Individual stickers (die cut) 
  • Individual stickers w/ backing (kiss cut) 
  • 2-5x sticker sheet 
  • Individual stickers w/ backing design (die cut with printed backing) 
  • 6-10x sticker sheet 
  • 6-10x sticker sheet w/ backing design 
  • Sticker roll 
  • 2-5x sticker sheet w/ backing design 
  • Transparent positioning film (on the top layer of the sticker)   

Specialty Options 

  • Clear epoxy dome 
  • Shiny UV lamination 
  • Matte UV lamination 
  • Inside application 
  • Gold foil stamping 
  • Silver foil stamping

Material Specifications 

  • Shiny gold (metallic only)  
  • Silver pure shine iridescent (hologram only)
  • Silver disco ball iridescent (hologram only) 
  • Gold disco ball iridescent (hologram only) 
  • Embossed (1000 + QTY MOQ/metallic only)  

    Note: Not all customization options are compatible with each other. Please consult your Creative Specialist with any questions. 

    Contact a Creative Specialist to Turn Your Patch into a Sticker Today!




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