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Keychain Packaging Ideas


Custom keychains are all the rage, but you can’t present them to the customer without high-quality custom packaging. Here’s why.

Whether you run a small brick-and-mortar store, sell products on mass-market sites like Etsy or Redbubble, or run your own e-commerce platform, custom keychains are a stellar product. Metal keychains, embroidered keychains, and PVC keychains all offer unique benefits, and we can make any of them 100% unique here at The/Studio!

But a custom keychain, like any custom product, is only as good as its presentation and packaging. Here are our favorite keychain packaging ideas.

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Why You Need Packaging for Your Custom Keychains 

Packaging makes your keychains retail-ready, but it also elevates their visual appeal, so the markup potential is even higher. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your keychains, (perhaps giving them out to employees, clients, in a swag bag, or as a party favor), the packaging is an important part of the presentation process. Without packaging, it can simply look like you’re re-gifting or re-selling a product that’s already been used!  

Not Every Company Offers Packaging… We Do!

With many custom keychain manufacturers, you’d have to look elsewhere for packaging, adding another step to the production process. At The/Studio, we offer packaging as part of the design process! Like our design options, our keychain packaging ideas are diverse and varied. You can choose from several options to package and present your keychain. Below are our favorite custom keychain packaging ideas.

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Clear Poly Bag 

With this option, your keychain is individually packaged in a clear poly bag with adhesive. This option is 100% FREE and is an excellent choice if you’re giving out your keychains as free swag.

Velvet Pouch 

When you choose “Velvet Pouch” your keychains are individually packaged in luxury velvet drawstring pouches. Unlike the former option, this comes at an extra charge. You’ll need to talk to a Creative Specialist or visit our Create Tool to get exact pricing, however, the price depends on the order quantity. We would recommend velvet pouch packaging if you’re giving out your keychains as gifts, or perhaps as party or wedding favors.

Velvet Box 

You can also choose to have your keychains packaged in deluxe velvet jewelry cases. Like the velvet pouches, this comes at an extra charge, and again you’ll need to talk to a Creative Specialist or visit our Create Tool to get exact pricing. The velvet box is a good choice for general retail purposes, but it’s a versatile keychain packaging option, so it works well for a variety of uses.

Acrylic Case 

With the “Acrylic Case” option, your keychains will come individually packaged in clear cases with soft foam lining. Like the velvet pouches and boxes, this comes at an extra charge, and again you’ll need to talk to a Creative Specialist or visit our Create Tool to get exact pricing. We would recommend this packaging to showcase your keychains at tradeshows, to give keychains out as gifts, or for retail purposes. 

We’re Ready to Assist 

The/Studio is ready to help you with your custom keychains and ensure they are packaged and ready!

Visit our website, talk to one of our Creative Specialists, or use our Create Tool to get your custom keychain order started today.

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