Laser Cut Patches

We have the best embroidery machines in the world , all of our machines are Tajiima and are imported from Japan. The machine I am most proud of is our laser cut machine , we are one of the few custom patch companies that have a laser cut machine , most companies just cut the custom emblems by hand. Having these machines allows us to create custom embroidered patches that are unique in shape , we can cut your custom insignia into any shape you can imagine. These type of patches are called laser cut patches.

At Patches by The/Studio we offer laser cut at no extra charge to our customers , like I mentioned before most patch companies don’t have access to their own laser cut machines so they charge a incomprehensible high premium , some custom patch companies don’t even offer laser cut patches. This is a big advantage that we have over our competitors , having these machines allows us to create amazing laser cut patches at  a low price.

Laser cut patches are my personal favorite type of patches. I respect the process and the time that goes into creating these types of patches. Below is an example of what a laser cut patch looks like. The process requires that we first embroider the patch.  After embroidering the custom patch our laser cut technician draws out the exact shape of the patch onto the computer and inserts that file into the laser cut machine.  The laser cut machine then cuts out the shape of the patches.   The laser machine is not 100% accurate, so we have to go over each patch by hand and ensure that everything is cut perfectly and that there are no mistakes made.

Many shapes that our customers have requested in the past are complicated so patch companies that don’t have access to a laser cut machines would not be able to satisfy the shape requirement by hand. This is just another reason why Patches by The/Studio  is the best patch company around. we have everything needed to create the most perfect laser cut patch. Our creative specialist will guide you through the entire patch process and will ensure you get the laser cut patch of your dreams. Our creative specialist are patient and extremely knowledgeable.

I hope you will decide to make your next patch  a laser cut patch , these patches are truly masterpieces.

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