How To Make & Attach Embroidered Patches to Velvet

Embroidered patches have a variety of uses, from personalizing your wardrobe to identifying a person as part of a team. Whatever your needs are, if you want to make and attach these patches to velvet, here’s everything you need to know to succeed:

Tools & Materials Needed

Below is a list of the tools and materials you will require if you would like to both make and attach your own embroidered patches to velvet:


  • Embroidered tulle
  • Stretchable velvet
  • Heat n Bond® (or fabric glue if Heat n Bond® is not available)
  • Invisible thread


  • Pointed, sharp scissors
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Long pins with large heads
  • Thread zapper
  • Hand needle

How to Make Embroidered Patches

To make your embroidered patches, you will need to select the portion of your embroidered tulle you would like to use for your patch and cut it out at least 1/8″ from the embroidery’s edge.

Selecting your embroidered tulle, isolating the section of embroidery you’ll use, and deciding how you’ll place it on your velvet is an opportunity to be creative. Have fun with it! Being creative is even good for your health.

Place it on the Heat n Bond®’s rough side and pin it to the Heat n Bond®. Place a cloth on your ironing board and flip your embroidered patch upside down to iron it. Then, cut away any excess tulle. Get as close as you can to the embroidered patch.

Now you can peel off the patch’s backing and place it wherever you want on your velvet!

If you don’t have access to Heat n Bond®, use fabric glue instead after you have cut your embroidered design out from the tulle. Let’s look at a step-by-step on attaching your patch using fabric glue!


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How to Attach Embroidered Patches to Velvet in 3 Steps

Now it’s time to attach your patch so you can show off your style! Below, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to help walk you through this process.

First, let’s address how to do this if you’ve utilized the Heat n Bond® method of creating your patch:

1. Iron the Middle of Your Patch

To get the glue to melt onto your velvet, you need only the tip of your iron – nothing bigger. Be careful here, as the iron could end up flattening or melting the fibers of your velvet, and the result won’t be pretty.

Carefully apply only the tip of your iron to the patch, and place a Teflon or cotton fabric to avoid melting the fibers around your patch. Iron the middle of your patch to get it glued down.

2. Iron the Edges

Remove the cloth and apply the iron very carefully to the edges of your patch. Again, use only the tip of your iron.

3. Hand Sew As Needed

Due to the pile fibers of the velvet, your Heat n Bond® glue backing may not be sufficient to complete the job. You can use your invisible thread and a hand needle to sew around your embroidered patches wherever needed.

As you change your thread, you can use a thread zapper to prevent scratchy threads.

No Heat n Bond®? No problem. Here’s another method you can use to attach your patch if you didn’t use Heat n Bond® and want to use fabric glue instead:

1. Glue Patch to Velvet

After cutting out your design from the tulle, attach it to your velvet with transparent drying fabric glue.

2. Allow Time for It to Dry

Give your embroidered patch plenty of time to dry after you’ve attached it to your velvet with fabric glue. It’s best to leave it overnight.

3. Sew Around the Patches

Now, use your invisible thread to sew around your patches. The glue should be strong enough to keep your embroidered patch attached to your velvet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Iron Patches on Velvet?

This should be done with extreme care, as the iron can flatten or even melt your velvet. Use just the tip of the iron, and be very careful when applying your patch. In addition, place a Teflon or cotton fabric to prevent melting in the fibers around your embroidered patch.

Final Thoughts

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