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Make Your Custom Clothing Badge from Scratch

Making the ordinary polo extraordinary

So you have a favorite piece of clothing – let’s say it’s a plain polo t-shirt – and you want to adorn something that makes it even more unique. You’ve thought about taking a Sharpie to it, and drawing your favorite logo, but you know that you’re just not that artistic. (I regret not taking art in high school, too) You’ve considered cutting out a manila folder stencil and spray-painting a design onto it, but you’re worried that it might ruin your other clothes in the wash. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! There’s a great way to personalize your clothing that doesn’t require any further skill than using a household clothing iron.



Hang in there, and customize a clothing badge

If you thought that badges were just for men and women in uniform — think again! If you’ve ever seen someone wear a shirt with an emblem on the chest, shoulder or back, then it’s highly possible that that person is just like your and me. He or she is creative, but has never had the opportunity to refine his or her own artistic abilities. He or she has amazing designer ideas, but doesn’t know how to put them onto fabric. He or she has an hip sense of fashion, but isn’t quite sure where to start. Buck up! Because there are millions of people around the world just like you and I, and The/Studio has the answer to our problem right up their sleeves.

It’s true that the fancy logos that you see on shirts, polos and jackets everywhere might be store-bought made like that. But it’s just as likely that they are custom clothing badges! Before I joined The/Studio team, I would never had dreamed of all the possibilities that are out there to make unique details for all kinds of apparel. But having been surrounded by such industry experts, I know that this is the team with all the answers to bring your shirt from drab to fab. When it comes to designing a layout for your idea, choosing right materials to match your personality, and building your idea into reality!

 Learning the custom clothing badge basics


Custom embroidered patches

If you’ve every seen a baseball cap with a badge on the front of it, or a biker jacket with a skull and snake across the entire back, you were probably looking at a custom embroidered patch. These kind of fashion accessories have the classic appeal of slightly shimmering threads. Many thread colors are stitched into a fabric called twill into to make all kinds of images or to spell out words. Embroidered patches are a excellent addition to all kinds of clothing.

 Custom woven patches

This type of custom clothing badges has a lighter feel than their embroidered brothers and sisters. That’s because they are woven in the same way as the tags inside all sorts of apparel. People generally choose custom woven patches because they are able to show accurately show extremely detailed designs much more clearly than traditional embroidery.

 Custom chenille patches

You probably have seen this style of custom clothing badge every time your visit a high school or college. The varsity letters and achievement emblems that you see on athletes and academics’ letterman jackets are known as custom chenille patches. They are easily identifiable because of the thick, soft yarn used when making them. Chenille patches aren’t just for students, though. They’re actually really popular to make a fashion statement, too!

 Custom PVC patches

What do scuba divers, U.S. military ground troops and North Face have in common. You guessed it – it’s custom PVC patches! For the wild outdoorsman or the kind of people that need a high-performance clothing badge, you can’t do better than a PVC patch. They are made out of a durable soft rubber material, so there are no threads to snag on a branch or a shark’s tooth. For a modern style emblem, many people take this route, instead of the stitched cousins.

 Glad you didn’t throw in the towel?

Making a design idea into a sharp-looking personalized fashion accessory has never been easier than it is right now at The/Studio. You don’t need to be good at drawing or sewing. All it takes is your own vision for how to snazzy up your apparel. Never mind the painstaking DIYs for self-made clothing. The only step you need to take is to get in touch with The/Studio. This team makes creating your custom clothing badge into a simple and fun process. From the most basic choices to the technical manufacturing expertise, The/Studio knows that it’s all about you and your design!




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