All the Challenge Coin Materials Offered by The/Studio

Challenge coins have long been a great way to commemorate an occasion or show off membership and loyalty to a group or community. But given the importance of such moments, it’s fair to want your challenge coins to be unique.

That’s where the materials used to make your challenge coins come into play. Have you ever considered which materials you’d like to represent your occasion? At The/Studio, we offer many options and combinations so you can ensure your coins are perfect.

Common Metals Used To Make Custom Challenge Coins


A widespread material used to make challenge coins is brass. This alloy comprises of copper and zinc, and one can alter the combination of the two components to produce a variety of colors and other properties. Most often, it’s copper that is the primary material used. Its malleability and adaptability make it perfect for producing challenge coins.

  • Coloring gives it the appearance of precious metals
  • Not very valuable, but malleable
  • May cause allergic reactions in those with nickel and aluminum allergies


On the other end of the spectrum, there’s iron. Fun fact: not only is iron the most abundant metal on Earth, but it’s also one of the main major components of the Earth’s crust and its core! So surely that makes it perfect for making coins, right? As with all of the materials used, there are pros and cons:

  • Solid material
  • Easy to shape and refine
  • Because iron oxidizes with oxygen, it’s unlikely to stand the test of time

Zinc Alloy

As a naturally occurring element, Zinc is a great choice to make challenge coins from – especially in its alloy form! To create the alloy, zinc typically mixes with either aluminum or copper. Its low melting point is one of its most valuable properties, making zinc alloy the perfect companion for coin designs.

  • Strong and durable
  • Allows for flexibility in design and more intricate patterns
  • Can be slightly brittle
  • Heavier than some of the other options listed


Another alloy on this list, the skin-friendly pewter is unique since it comprises not just two components but, in fact, an impressive four. To make pewter, tin, antimony, copper, and bismuth are mixed together. Sometimes, a producer may even throw in some silver. Indeed, ancient Egyptians frequently used this magical and alchemical mixture for tableware and decorative items, earning its rightful place on our list.

  • Easy to work with
  • Skin-friendly, so it won’t affect those with allergies
  • Not as strong as other options
  • Negatively impacted by exposure to salt or chlorinated water

What Challenge Coin Finishes Does The/Studio Offer?

So, now you know the most common materials used for making challenge coins. But that’s not all you’ll need to decide on. What about the finish? At The/Studio, we offer numerous options for complete uniqueness and free creative reign when creating your design.

We opt for two primary materials when creating your challenge coins: zinc alloy and steel. The intrinsic properties of zinc alloy mean we can make any design you choose – any size or shape – using it. We’ll use steel for coins less than or equal to two inches, with a regular shape, and no 3D details. For more intricate designs, we’ll use zinc alloy. It all depends on your preference.


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Gold (Shiny, Antique & Satin)

We offer gold coins in shiny, antique, and satin. The former option comes with a polished surface, giving this traditional option a little shine to its step. Alternatively, the antique choice has a distressed finish, giving a sense of nostalgia and care. And as for the satin effect? An anodized surface provides this option with an opaque and matte finish.

Most commonly, people choose gold for military memorabilia.

Rose Gold

Rose gold offers a modern take on a gorgeous classic. Because it’s bright with a polished finish, rose gold will make your challenge coin stand out in a crowd. Whether it be for themed events or fundraisers, choosing rose gold adds an element of fun and personality.

Silver (Shiny, Antique & Satin)

Much like gold, we offer silver choices with a shiny, antique, or satin finish, giving you complete control over exactly how you’d like your coin to look. Add eye-catching vibrancy and sparkle with the shiny option, a nostalgic, aged effect with the antique option, or a matte surface with the satin choice.

Police services often favor this classy silver choice, so you’ll know you’re in good company!

Nickel (Shiny, Antique & Satin)

A nickel coin can be the unsung hero of the challenge coin world! With a shiny finish, it’s vibrant in its message, it’s antique, and the color comes alive as it bounces off the light. On satin, nickel offers a subtle and traditional feel.

It’s a great choice often found in the aviation world.


If it’s modernity you’re looking for, look no further than the gunmetal option. You’ll find its shiny, sleek, and dark finish on most dog tags, so just imagine how good it’ll look on a coin! In other words, we’re talking about a statement coin.

Brass (Shiny, Antique, Satin & Brush)

You guessed it: we also offer brass in the standard three options of shiny, antique, and satin. Each provides a unique but clean, traditional look. You can’t go wrong with brass. Perfect for promotional coins that necessitate an aged but classy feel.

Copper (Shiny, Antique & Satin)

You might reserve copper for only pennies – and rightfully so! – but think again. Check out our copper challenge coins’ shiny, antique, and satin options, and you’ll soon see the light – especially if you choose the shiny option!

The perfect choice to signify membership in a group or loyalty to a team!

Black Paint

And if you’re after uniqueness or polished eccentricity, why not try the black paint option? Sure to stand the test of time, the fully matte effect of the black paint is an excellent choice for promotions where you want to come across as calm and confident!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, at The/Studio, we have a complete set of options that ensures you can create your perfect challenge coin, no matter the occasion. We’ll work with you to create a unique commemorative or promotional coin that will stand out. Made to the highest quality and standard, the recipients of this coin will be sure to remember the occasion, and the coin itself will stand the test of time! Get in touch to find out more.



Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom products.


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