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No Slip Socks for Yoga and Pilates

Sliding around while holding your best toe stand or eagle pose is annoying! Yep, yoga is a sweaty activity, and there is nothing worse than losing your focus.

Rather than working your core, building your strength, and feeling the pose, you end up trying to stay grounded; and your zen state of mind is replaced by sheer anxiety.

Trust me. It is the worst!

This is where custom no slip socks come in. They have the grip you need to hold your grounds during your hour of calm.

Now, aside from keeping your feet in place, wearing yoga socks can protect you from microbes that can cause plantar warts and toenail fungus – Yikes!

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner yogi, you’ll need yoga socks that guarantee no slipping and complete protection.

Curious to find out the best no slip socks for yoga? Let’s get right into it already!

Toeless Yoga socks

Free your toes and still enjoy the benefits of wearing a yoga sock to downward dog in place. The toeless design lets you spread your toes while offering you the best of freedom and grip.

If you’ve never worn toeless socks, you may feel pretty constricted as the fabric hugs your toes. No worries, you’ll get used to it in no time!

Full Toe High Knee Yoga Socks

Although toeless yoga socks are perfect for wiggling your toes, you might want to cover your feet totally as a result of cold temperatures or if you want to protect your feet from germs.

A full toe yoga socks will let your feet breathe and help you stay balanced in your yoga flow.You can wear it high or crumple them low to add that relaxed vibe and feel to your yoga class.

Ankle Grip Yoga Socks

No mat? No problem.

An ankle yoga socks have a grip that won’t make you slip without a yoga mat, leaving you with one less issue to worry about while trying to get your zen on.

Half Toe Socks for Yoga

Stand firm at your next yoga class with a half toe yoga socks. These are the perfect socks to have on to avoid slipping on hardwood floors, plus it also gives you an almost barefoot feel without compromising protection—it won’t feel as though you have socks on. Feel free to spread your toes with unique toe design.

Custom No Slip Socks

If you want to design your own custom no slip socks, we have a number of ways to create them here at The/Studio with your choice to of bottom grips. Simply indicate them when you start designing here.




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