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Patch Border Options Offered

Patch Border Options Offered

Here at Hero Patches, we are pleased to offer a plethora of different patch border options. Choosing the correct border for your custom patch is essential. Borders are meant to compliment a custom patch and bring a finished look to your emblem. When choosing a patch border options it is important to know that not every patch border options looks good on every patch.

I want to go over the 5 patch border options we offer and explain which border is best for which type of patch. I am confident that when you are finished reading this blog, you will be well informed about the different patch border options we offer and you will be able to make an educated decision.
Merrowed Border
A merrowed border is a wonderful option for custom clothing patches that are shaped into a circle , rectangle, square or triangle. The merrowed border option will give your custom patch a finished, polished look. This border is  1/8″ that overlocks the patch edge, this option also prevents unwanted frayed edges. This option will give your patch durability. Keep in mind that this option is not recommended for a custom patch with 100% embroidery coverage, merrowed borders look nicer on patches that are 75% embroidery coverage and 50% embroidery coverage.

Hot Knife
This option is ideal for custom embroidered patches that have a intricate shape. We cut the emblem as close as possible to the edge. This option really makes your custom insignia come to life. We offer this border option for free! This option is great for patches 100% embroidered patches.

Satin Stitch
This is a great option for any custom embroidered emblem. This satin border is 1/6″ stitch going around the edge of the patch. This option is completely different than the merrowed border because it does not overlock the emblem’s edge. We offer this backing option free of charge.

Smooth Cut
The smooth cut option can be used on any embroidered patch, this border has no stitching on the edge of the patch. This option is also free of charge!

Frayed Edges
This border option can make any emblem stand out! We put the insignia through a process that turns a plain custom patch into a patch with frayed edges!

As you can see we offer a border for any custom patch, the choice is all yours! You have all the information you need to choose the best border option for your custom insignia. The choice of choosing a border is a personal choice, you are the designer but if you need any assistance making these decision your creative specialist is here to help. Good luck on choosing a border! I know you can do it!

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