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Promoting Your Brand Through Custom Stickers

Even the smallest details can create an impact when it comes to branding, which is why some companies would use stickers as one of their promotional items to express their brand image. You can package a new product and stick your label on it to know if it will pass muster, or you can simply give them to your loyal customers who have been fans of your products since Day 1.

Here are some of the ways to promote your business through custom stickers:

Use It As A Freebie

As mentioned, you can give away stickers as a freebie with your products for customers who patronize your brand. They don’t have to be stickers of your company logo alone.

For example, if you’re in the food industry, you could get creative by having illustrations of that famous hamburger in your restaurant that everyone is raving for. If you have a mascot, you can have sticker sets created which would be a perfect combo with a kid’s meal.

Custom Sticker Labels and Packaging 

Packaging is one of the major marketing tools that businesses tend to overlook and yet customers hardly ever forget this because the sense of sight is the first thing that’s used upon receiving a product. If that is satisfied, you can leave a better first impression.

Use a sticker of your company logo or icon to seal off that shopping bag or box that you’re about to hand over to your customer.

Special Sales Product Stickers 

Special sales product stickers are useful because they change with products or season. They tend to stand out more than the generic stickers, especially if they are seasonal. 

Collaborative Merchandise

If it works for your brand, you can even have sticker sets in collaboration with local artists in your area featuring their original designs. Have them create laptop stickers, decorations for journals or scrapbooks, and maybe even their travel bags.


Overall, stickers are your best bet to get great value from investing little. We have several options for stickers in accord If you haven’t utilized the power of stickers in business, check out our custom sticker options here.





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