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Reasons To Choose Velcro Patches

Usually, when a patch is attached to a uniform or attire, it is meant to stay in place. However, some demanding jobs or tasks may require employees to change uniforms in between jobs. 

In this case, your employees may need patches that can be quickly transferred from one garment to another. This is where Velcro patches come in. Customized velcro patches are easy to attach and peel off if there is a need to change your look.

Velcro backings are a great choice as they help make moving patches from one to another easy. That’s not all; there are several reasons to choose Velcro patches; let’s discuss a few below:

Increased Durability 

Velcro patches are known for being more durable than other types of embroidered patches. Here’s why…

Velcro patches are removable and reusable. And that means the patches can be removed right before laundry and put back afterward. For this reason, Velcro patches don’t have any wear and tear that comes with being laundered over a long period. 

Again, some people choose to wear Velcro patches to make fashion statements when the need arises. And this means velcro patches are used less often than other types of embroidered patches. If you’re looking for a patch that can last for a long time, consider getting a Velcro patch. 


velcro backing custom patch

Now, this is one of the best parts of using a Velcro patch. It can be removed and reapplied on a different piece of clothing or uniform.

As a result, velcro patches are used to identify certain supervisorial roles like managerial positions so that whoever is in that position can easily attach it to their uniform. 

This way, the business saves money that would have otherwise been spent on getting new uniforms or patches for these roles. 

For individuals, Velcro patches offer the chance to wear a favorite patch with different clothing than it was intended for. 


Businesses should choose to use Velcro patches over other forms of embroidered patches. The reason is simple – Velcro patches are removable and reusable. 

In companies where roles aren’t permanent, or employees have to wear an identification tag for their roles, a Velcro patch is needed. 

For instance, the Army and other businesses have employees that wear different uniforms on different occasions. Rather than placing a patch to all their uniforms, attaching a velcro patch would be best as it can be fixed and reused on another uniform. 

Velcro patches aren’t just fancy; they are economical and perfect for employee uniforms. Do you need Velcro patches? Contact The Studio and we will help you create the perfect custom velcro patches for your needs.

All the velcro patches we create come with a hook and loop backing option. So if you want an easy way to keep your patches in place, we’ve got you covered.




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