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How to Sell Custom Patches & Pins on Etsy & Beyond

Good marketing is an imperative for small brands and niche labels looking to gain a following, and learning the ins and outs of your favorite platform is how you’ll want to get started. While many of the rules of engagement differ depending on the online retail channel you choose, there are a few good standards that can get you by as you launch and promote your custom pins and custom logo patches.

Keep reading to learn how to market your custom patches and pins on Etsy and beyond.

Craft a Brand Narrative

Before you start telling the world about your great new custom enamel pins, be sure you have your story straight. Branding on Etsy is of supreme importance because customers are looking for the story behind the product. They’re looking for retailers that share their values and understand them. In other words, they’re looking to connect.

Craft a brand narrative or brand story that gets to the root of why you started your brand or label in the first place. What makes you passionate? Why should customers care about your business? What makes your product different than others on the market? These are the questions you should answer in your shop description, product descriptions, and even in your packaging and email responses.

Do Your Due Diligence

Like a regular shopfront, an Etsy shop is a great place to get your products in front of many different types of consumers. But if you haven’t researched the competition or figured out which product categories your competitors are ranking in, you may find yourself with a lot of product and not a lot of traffic.

Spend time looking at other retailers who are doing what you’re doing with your brand or label. Check out buyer reviews, the shop description, product descriptions, and if you really want to know what the shopping experience is like for their customers, put in an order and try them out. Competitive research on custom enamel pins and logo patches is the best way to find your competitive advantage.

Don’t Skimp on Photos

It can seem like an easy thing to just snap a few pics on your phone and get your super awesome product up as soon as possible. But Etsy is about the culture, the communication, and the experience the buyer has throughout the process. If your products look quick and dirty, then your potential customers will likely be turned off. Unlike in some other traditional retail spaces, Etsy customers are looking for professional-level images, and a well-crafted visual brand.

Take high quality, high-resolution photos of your products using good lighting that show your product in several angles and depths. Don’t be afraid to put that pin or patch on a substrate, like a cool jacket, and have a model stand for the picture. Their face doesn’t have to be in it, but Etsy customers do tend to appreciate when they can see a product on a model.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Once you set up your Etsy shop, your products are loaded into Amazon, or you’ve finally got those eBay listings up, it’s time to promote your product on all platforms available to you. That could mean on your website blog, on social media, or even using plain old snail mail.

Trade shows are a great place to sell custom pins and custom logo patches and a great way to get your name out to local shops who sell custom enamel pins and patches in their shops. Also consider working with your local shops on a consignment basis as a way of spreading the word about your brand or label.

Ready to start your custom enamel pin or custom patch project? Get the ball rolling with our DIY tool now!




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