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Selling Custom Patches: Hot Ticket Item or Not?

Maybe you personally LOVE the freedom of customizing your luggage, your jean jackets, and your accessories with patches & want to give your customers that same freedom as well…

Or maybe you’ve got these incredible designs & want to share them with the world in a way that’s more special & permanent than a sticker or a print.

If so, selling custom patches might make a lot of sense for you! There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your creative vision come to life – and seeing your customers rep your designs.

But is selling patches a good BUSINESS decision? Can you really make money selling patches, and is there really a market for them?

Just like any business decision you’ll ever make, selling custom patches has its pros and cons. But if you have the right vision for it and you have a solid marketing strategy, patches can be a very hot ticket item.

Learn a couple of downsides of selling custom patches… along with a whole bunch of reasons why custom patches might still be a hot ticket item in your online store.


Downsides of Selling Custom Patches

Custom patches can be a major profit driver in your online store – but as with any product, there are a few downsides to selling custom patches that you should be aware of before creating your patches.

Patches require effort on your customers’ part

Here’s the thing about us humans… we’re a little lazy. While a patch may look a lot cooler than, say, a sticker or a pin, it can take some effort and a certain level of commitment to apply. Your customers might feel a bit like ordering a patch is buying a job to do! To mitigate this, be sure to really drive home how easy each patch is to apply and a few suggestions to make the process smoother. (Though if you’ve already been building up more of a crafty, DIY audience, you’re in a good spot!)


Patches are a very low-cost product, which probably sounds like a good thing – and it is! But banking on a low-cost product means you may have to sell a lot of them to make significant income.

Have to design your own

Your patch is what you make it. If you’ve designed other products before, you should be well-equipped to design a beautiful patch – but if you aren’t a natural designer, this may take some work. (If art isn’t your thing don’t worry – some manufacturers like The/Studio do include free design services with your order to make sure your patches still turn out great!)

Requires a large order upfront

With anything custom, you’ll save the most if you order a lot – which can require a significant investment. In fact, many factories and manufacturers actually require you to order a minimum number of patches, and that minimum isn’t always very low! 

The/Studio offers low minimum order quantities, free shipping, fair pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making that first order a little less daunting when you’re just starting out.


Why Selling Custom Patches is Still a Good Idea

Now that you know what to look out for before placing an order and selling custom patches, here are eight reasons why custom patches can still be a hot ticket item in your online store:


Since custom patches are relatively inexpensive, it doesn’t require a huge up-front investment to see how your customers respond to them. Their low cost also makes them an excellent impulse buy for your customers, especially if you sell higher-cost items in your shop.

There’s a market for them

When you choose to sell a product people are already looking for, you’re starting out with a big advantage. You may not have to spend as much on advertising, especially if you sell your patches on Etsy, Amazon, or another marketplace platform. Learn more about marketing your patches business here. 

They’re trendy now

Patches are retro and totally 90s – and the 90s are super in right now. Share photos of your patches styled in different outfits on social media and people are bound to be interested. 

Great margins

Especially if you order a large quantity of them, you can buy custom patches at a very low cost… and then sell them for a 100+% markup.

It’s easy to sell more than one

If your customers are looking to decorate a tote bag or a jean jacket… chances are, one patch is NOT enough. Patches are great for encouraging multibuys. Sell your patches in packs, offer bundle deals, or simply share photos of multiple patches being used at once.

Endless possibility for using them

Selling patches on their own gives your customers the power to customize whatever they want, however they want. Patches look great on a plain T-shirt, luggage, jean jackets, purses, hats, and more. 

They’re completely customizable

When you buy wholesale, you’re limited to what a manufacturer has already created. When you create a custom product, you have the freedom to design whatever you can dream up. Selling custom patches gives you (and your customers) the confidence that your products are one-of-a-kind, only available in your store.

When it comes to custom patches, you have a lot of options, from the materials you use to the type of patch you choose. Compare the top seven types of patches here. 

Can help promote brand awareness

You know your logo’s good when your customers WANT to rep it! Build a sense of community and promote brand awareness with logo patches. You can sell them along with your other patches or throw them in with select orders. (After all, it’s still free advertising!)


Ready to start creating your custom patch? With The/Studio’s DIY product creation tool, you can bring your custom patch vision to life from your laptop. Start the process here.

Still not sure whether custom patches will be a hot ticket item in your online store? Click here for a complete guide to profit from patches.





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