The Best Selling Keychains: A Guide to Making Money with Custom Keychains

Keychains are a popular accessory that has been around for decades. They serve both as fashion statements and functional items to keep keys organized. But can you really make money selling keychains?  The answer is yes, if you know what types of keychains are in high demand. In this guide, we will explore the best selling keychains, how to price them, and everything you need to know about becoming a profitable keychain business!

Best Selling Keychains For Sale

Why Sell Custom Keychains?

If you’re keen on starting a keychain business, but you’re not sure if it’s the right product to focus on, then let us make the case for custom keychains.

There are plenty of reasons why this humble accessory makes a great starter product for an online business. Here are just a few:

  • Keychains never go out of style. Whether it’s a functional keychain or a stylish piece, there will always be demand for keychains. They’re not based on a fad or trend. They’ve been around for decades and there’s no sign of them going anywhere.
  • They’re affordable to make. Keychains are relatively inexpensive to produce, which means you can keep your costs low and profits high.
  • Easy to customize. People love items that are unique or have a special meaning. It’s easy to customize your keychains – and you don’t need to be a skilled artist or designer either. With a little creativity, you can create personalized keychains that customers will love.
  • Lightweight and easy to ship. If you sell keychains online, shipping costs will be less of a concern. They’re lightweight and easy to ship, which keeps your shipping costs low.

Are Keychains in High Demand?

This is a concern many new entrepreneurs have when considering what products to sell. After all, it’s important to choose a product that people actually want and will buy. So, are keychains in high demand? The answer is yes!

If you head on over to Etsy and type “keychain” in the search bar, you’ll find hundreds of small businesses selling a variety of customized keychains. Let’s take one small business as an example – Punky Pins. This seller specializes in keychains, pins and patches, and just one of their enamel keychains has sold over 36,000 times!

Plenty of businesses selling keychains on Etsy have made thousands of sales from their keychains. This is a clear indication that they are in high demand. Keychains are not just a fashion accessory, they have a practical use and you’ll struggle to find someone that doesn’t own at least one. This means your potential customer base for custom keychains is huge!

What Are The Best Selling Keychains?

When it comes to selling keychains, there are no limits to the designs and styles you can create. However, some keychain designs have proven to be more popular than others. Here are some of the best selling keychain types:

Custom Metal Keychains

Custom metal keychains

Metal keychains are the “classic” keychain choice. They can be customized with different colored enamel filling to create your own unique design. These keychains are durable and long-lasting. It means they won’t easily break or wear out if they’re being thrown into handbags or pockets.

Custom Embroidered Keychains

Custom embroidered keychains

If you want a more unique and textured keychain, embroidered keychains are a great option. These keychains use thick, high-quality thread to create intricate designs. They also tend to be more affordable than metal keychains so they’re a good choice for sellers on a budget.

Custom PVC Keychains

Custom PVC keychains

PVC keychains are slightly cheaper than metal ones, and more lightweight too. They have a rubbery, 3D texture and they’re also extremely durable. They’re popular as a merch or promo item for businesses, events, and organizations.

How Much Should I Charge for Custom Keychains?

This is a common question for those new to selling custom made keychains. The answer depends on many factors. Let’s take a look at some of the main considerations:


The cost of materials is a major factor in determining the price of your custom keychains. Metal keychains tend to be more costly than PVC and embroidered ones, so you’ll need to take this into account when setting your prices.

Design Complexity

A simple design with one or two colors will be less expensive to manufacture than a complex design with multiple colors. Keep this in mind when creating your designs and setting your prices. If you’re on a low budget, start off simple so that you can offer lower prices and attract more customers.


If you’re ordering from a custom manufacturer, then the quantity of keychains ordered can also affect the price. Generally, the more you order, the lower the cost per unit will be. This is something to consider if you’re selling customized keychains in bulk or for a large event. If you’re only ordering a few keychains, you may need to charge a higher price to cover the cost of production.

Market and Niche

The market and niche you’re selling to can also impact the price of your custom keychains. If you’re targeting a high-end market, you may be able to charge higher prices for premium materials and designs. On the other hand, if your target audience is more budget-conscious, you may need to keep your prices lower to appeal to them.


Run-of-the-mill keychains may not fetch a high price, but if you’re a creative designer and your keychain design is unique and sought after, you may be able to charge a premium for it. In this case, the demand for your product will determine its price.


Time and effort must also be factored into the price of your custom keychains. If you’re ordering from a manufacturing partner, then you need to factor in the labor time spent on designing, packaging, shipping and general admin. Should you be making your keychains by hand, you need to consider your time spent crafting each piece.

Additional Overheads

Marketing, packaging, branding, and shipping costs are all examples of overheads that you need to consider when setting a price for your custom keychains. These costs can add up!

You can use a spreadsheet to plug in all the costs associated with producing, marketing and selling your keychains! This will give you a clear picture of how much you need to charge per unit to cover all your expenses and still make a profit. There is a simple calculation you can use as a starting point:

Cost Price + 20% = Selling Price

However, this may not be suitable for every situation and it’s important to research your competition and market demand before settling on a final price. Take a look at marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon to see what similar products are selling for.

You don’t want your prices to be so high that it turns customers away. However, you also need to make sure you’re not undercharging and not making a profit. Finding the right balance is key. In the beginning, it might help to start with a lower price and increase it as demand for your product grows.

Best Selling Keychain Design

How To Make Your Own Keychain

There are many ways you can make and design your own keychain at home. Beads, leather, epoxy resin are just some of the materials you can use to create unique and personalized keychains. However, the time and work that goes into each piece can be significant. If you’d rather outsource the actual production of your keychains, you can also consider working with a custom manufacturer. There are many manufacturers out there that specialize in creating custom products, including keychains. Here’s a quick rundown of the process involved in working with a custom manufacturer:

  1. Design. The first step is to come up with a design or concept for your keychain. This can be as simple as a sketch or more detailed mock-up using design software.
  2. Materials. Once you have finalized your design, you will need to choose the materials and production method for your keychain.
  3. Customization. Custom manufacturers give you full control over the design process, so you can determine the shape, size, thickness, color, and any added features for your keychain.
  4. Quote. After providing your design and material preferences, the manufacturer will provide a quote for the production cost.
  5. Sample. If you want to request a sample of your keychain before placing a larger order, most manufacturers offer this option.
  6. Production. Once you have approved the sample and finalized all details with the manufacturer, production will begin on your customized keychains.
  7. Receive Your keychains. Now you just have to wait for your keychains to arrive in the post! Usually, it takes a few weeks for production and shipping. Certain manufacturers may also offer expedited options for an additional cost.

Partner with The/Studio for Custom Keychains

At The/Studio, we specialize in creating custom products including keychains. We give you full control over the design process and we have no minimum order quantities. As such, you have the flexibility to order as many or as few keychains as you like.

We’ve helped many keychain entrepreneurs get their businesses started by providing high-quality, custom made keychains at competitive prices. Our team of expert designers and manufacturers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your keychains are exactly as you pictured them. If you have any questions or need any assistance, our customer service team is always available to help.

To get started, just visit our website and start designing your custom keychains today!


Can I make money selling keychains?

Absolutely! Keychains are a popular and practical accessory. With the ability to customize them, you can offer a unique product that customers will be willing to pay for.

Is selling keychains a good business?

Selling keychains can be a profitable business, especially if you have a niche market or come up with creative designs. Just make sure to partner with a manufacturer that provides high-quality products.

How to sell handmade keychains?

You can sell handmade keychains through various channels such as online marketplaces, craft fairs, or social media platforms. You can also partner with retail stores to sell your products on consignment.

Where can I buy custom keychains no minimum?

You can buy custom keychains with no minimum order quantity from The/Studio. Conveniently order as many or as few keychains as you like.


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