The Perfect Patch Backing

You can’t have a perfect patch without the perfect patch backing! Here’s how to make sure you do.

Sure, design is important if you want to make an eye-catching custom patch. But the backing of a patch is also a very important part of a patch! In case you aren’t sure what we mean when we say “backing,” the backing is what adheres your patch to a piece of clothing or material.

patch backings

What Custom Patch Backings Can I Choose?

There are a variety of different backings that you can choose for your custom patches, but choosing the correct backing for your patch really depends on what you will be using your patch for. (Don’t worry, we will explain this in more detail later!) 

Here are the different patch backing options we offer at The/Studio:


  • Iron-on backing 
  • No backing 
  • Iron-on backing extending to border 
  • Velcro hook backing (adhesive) 
  • Adhesive backing 
  • Thin plastic backing 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (adhesive) 
  • Velcro hook backing (edge stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing (merrowed border) 
  • Velcro hook backing (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (edge stitch) 
  • Pin backing with iron on backing 
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (satin stitch) 
  • Velcro hook backing (edge stitch)
  • Velcro loop backing (edge stitch)
  • Velcro hook backing with loop application (merrowed border) 
  • Full magnetic backing 
  • Wearable magnet with iron-on backing  

Finding the “Perfect” Patch Backing? 

Despite the title of this blog, there really isn’t a “perfect patch backing,” because they are all perfect depending on the fabric that you’re sticking your patch onto. Let’s go over what backings are perfect for which surfaces/fabrics. 

  • IRON-ON BACKING is ideal for apparel that is safe to use an iron on. Iron-on backings are also perfect for casual wear, for example, if you are ironing on a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, or a canvas backpack.


  • SEW-ON BACKING is perfect for those who plan on using their patch on a leather jacket or vest. You obviously can’t iron a patch into leather, so a sew-on backing is must-have. Sew-on backing is also good for sports uniforms or athletic/outdoor equipment since it is much more durable than iron-on backing and will hold up better over long periods. 


  • VELCRO BACKING is a great choice for military, firefighters, police departments, airsoft clubs, and paintball teams. We see Velcro backing used mostly by the above groups because these groups change their patches out a lot, and the Velcro backing allows you to change your patches frequently without having to damage your uniform to take them off/on.

No Matter What You Choose, We Can Help!

It doesn’t matter what custom backings you choose for your patches. The/Studio can create them for you! 

Contact one of our Creative Specialists or get started by using our Create Tool. Remember, the best custom patches are only as good as their backing! Don’t focus only on the design and forget to choose the best custom patch backing for your purposes. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out : ) Happy matchmaking!

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