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The/Studio’s Guide to Lapel Pins

What Are Lapel Pins?
Lapel pins make great accessories to anyone’s wardrobe. They are meant to be worn on clothing and are most often seen on the lapel of jackets. Lapel pins can be for decorative purposes or can hold great significance by indicating one’s affiliation with a club, organization, or cause. In addition, lapel pins make the perfect accessory to an outfit by giving it a refined, elegant, and classic look. Lapel pins have been a popular accessory for years and years, and they will not be going out of style any time soon, as they are a timeless piece!

How Do I Wear A Lapel Pin?
There are many different occasions in which lapel pins can be worn. Whether it is for a formal event, business purpose, or simply everyday wear, you have a lot of leverage in terms of when and how to wear a lapel pin.

There are several different ways to wear a lapel pin:

  • Butterfly clutch: These pins are small in size and have a secure way of attaching itself. Butterfly clutch lapel pins have two clutch backs that can be secured or released.
  • Boutonniere: The boutonniere is a more formal version of wearing a lapel pin, which can be a real flower, along with a pin, or a fake flower. Boutonnieres have a classic and elegant look, which is why they are standard for weddings, proms, homecomings, or funerals.
  • Stick pin: Stick pins are also a classic way of wearing a pin on your clothing. Stick pins are secure and are easy to use. They are attached by sticking the thin needle in your clothing and securing the needle into the hole on the other side of the pin.
  • Magnetic clasps: Magnetic clasps are pretty self-explanatory, as they are simply two magnet disks that are attached from the front and the back of the pin; however, these are much less secure and can easily wear over time.

What And What Not To Do With Lapel Pins

If you haven’t noticed, lapel pins have hopped off your grandad’s tweed jacket and onto baseball caps, backpacks and more. Once the territory of members-only clubs and politicians, lapel pins are making a resurgence. They’re easily made (with The/Studio, anyway), inexpensive and incredibly versatile.

As one of the premier makers of lapel pins, though, we need to lay out a few ground rules for those looking to add lapel pins to their suit game.

Rule #1: DO wear your lapel pins on your jacket’s left lapel.

We’re asked lots of times which side of the jacket a pin goes on, and so was the U.S. government apparently. The United States flag code specifies that any U.S. flag pins ought to go on the left lapel as it’s closer to the heart. A lapel pin should always represent something important to you, even if it’s not the flag — show you care by observing this simple rule.

Rule #2: DON’T underdress with an informal lapel pin on formal clothing.

Lapel pins are a lot like ties; wearing one is not necessarily suave. If you’re going to a classy event, avoid a kitsch or humorous lapel pins for the same reason you avoid (we hope) that Donald Duck tie lurking in your closet. If you’re going to a networking event, use the lapel pin as a tool — advertise your Greek affiliation, alma mater, armed forces shield or business.

Rule #3: DO opt for simplicity.

Avoid lapel pins that take more than a second to take in visually. Lapel pins are there to start conversations, not put them on pause while your new acquaintance attempts to figure out what the writing around the edge — oh, I see now, it’s … What was I saying?

Rule #4: DON’T wear more than one lapel pin.

We know you’ve accomplished a lot, but don’t think of a lapel as your personal billboard. A lapel pin is a conscious decision to highlight one specific affiliation without even opening your mouth. Wearing more than one waters down the effect of both and is worse than no lapel pins at all.

Rule #5: DO have a story for your lapel pin.

When that magical moment happens and someone asks about your lapel pin, have a short story in mind that makes them glad they asked. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for — so don’t let the air out of your mystique by saying “Oh, this? I got it at the mall.” Lapel pins can be about your business, your art, your past, your family — your story. And the best stories get turned into lapel pins right here at The/Studio. Order yours today.

Following the lapel pin debacle of March 10th, 2017, The/Studio would like to retroactively add a sixth rule: always wear your lapel right-side up. 





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