What Can I Use Custom Lanyards For?

Custom lanyards are both functional and versatile! Let’s learn more about this fan-favorite custom merch item.

A custom lanyard is one of the most versatile pieces of custom merch you can make! They don’t just have one use, they have many : ) Custom-made lanyards are a great product for company uniforms, company swag, or free giveaways—but their benefits go far beyond that. 

Below, we’ll explain a bit more about why custom lanyards are so useful and why people love ‘em so much. Let’s dive in!

custom lanyards

A Lighthearted Piece of Professional Attire

Businesses and companies commonly use lanyards as part of their employee’s uniforms, especially if they require employees to carry a pass or keycard. We’ve also seen a lot of companies and businesses give out lanyards as part of onboarding, welcoming new employees to the company with free lanyards and other items. A lot of our corporate customers also use lanyards as free giveaways during trade shows or special events.

That’s because unlike a sticker, button, pin, or other common custom merch item, a lanyard isn’t just a way to show off some style and a unique design or company branding. 

Lanyards are incredibly helpful & functional, whether for keeping track of keys, identification or access cards, or really any small & lightweight item that you want to make sure not to misplace or otherwise lose track of. Especially when they’re colorful and customized, lanyards both add flair to otherwise drab business attire AND their eye-catching nature means you won’t lose track of whatever they’re attached to. 

Why People Love Lanyards 

We make loads of different custom merch items at The/Studio, but lanyards are a fan favorite. They are an affordable way to promote your company, acting as a “walking billboard” of sorts. If produced properly—like they are here—they are extremely well made and are of high quality, but they’re affordable, lightweight, and easy to give away. As we mentioned above, they’re also very useful, preventing you from losing track of car, office, or house keys, office IDs, or other small but important personal items.

In short, lanyards are a promotional product staple—and when you’re talking about custom lanyards the options are endless. Don’t just slap on a company logo or website and a monochromatic design. It’s up to you to go all out and give ‘em a bit of pizazz! At The/Studio, all of our world-class design tools are at your disposal, so there’s no reason not to go ALL OUT : ) 

How Do People Wear Lanyards? 

The most common way to wear a lanyard is around your neck, like a necklace. But many folks attach them to a backpack zipper, hang them around a car’s rearview mirror, or leave them hanging halfway out of a front or back pants pocket. 

A personalized lanyard is simply a way to make small, lightweight, and important items easy to find and access—with a bit of personal flair thrown in! 

Ready to Place Your Lanyard Order? 

You can place your lanyard order by contacting one of our Creative Specialists using the “Chat with Us” box on the homepage or by using our digital Create Tool (linked below) to start customizing yourself! We’re looking forward to seeing the custom lanyard ideas you whip up : )  

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