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What Is a Hook and Loop Patch?

Hook and loop patches are an incredibly versatile and valuable tool for those who need to personalize an item but need the flexibility to change the decoration as required.

The versatility of hook and loop patches comes from the fact that they are easy to attach, highly durable, and adjustable. They can be used in various applications, including clothing, outdoor gear, military equipment, etc.

Read on to learn more about these decorative patches and instances where you may want to choose a hook and loop patch.

So, What Is a Hook and Loop Patch?

A hook and loop patch is a fastening system that utilizes two strips: one strip contains bristles, or “hooks,” while the other includes tons of tiny loops. When you fully press the two sides together, they create a secure bond to hold the items together. The most common application for these decorative patches is clothing, but they are also used in various other things, including tents, backpacks, and more.

Hook and loop patches are incredibly versatile and are perfect for sewing projects, outdoor activities, everyday use items, and so much more! With their easy application process and strong adhesive base, you’ll love having these patches for all your decorative and lifestyle needs.

How Do Hook and Loop Patches Work?

Hook and loop patches work by creating a solid bond between two strips. Each strip’s “hooks” attach to the other’s “loops,” forming an airtight seal. This is the exact mechanism used to create the sturdiness of Velcro technology. The bond these decorative patches create is powerful and can easily hold items together without slipping or sliding around.

The adhesive on the back of hook and loop patches is designed to be strong and waterproof, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They also work well on a variety of materials, including fabric, leather, plastic, wood, metal, and more!

Simply remove the adhesive’s protective layer on the loop side (or sew this portion onto your base material) and secure it to the base material. Then, press the hook side of the patch into the loops until secure.

Are Hook and Loop Patches the Same as Velcro?

Yes and no. Velcro is the first brand that began manufacturing these kinds of fasteners, so while the technology used by hook and loop patches is the same, Velcro is not the name of the technology. However, hook and loop patches have since become synonymous with it as it became the most well-known brand name in the industry. Due to its popularity, people often refer to the technology as “Velcro,” but the technology itself is called “hook and loop.”

Is Hook and Loop Stronger Than Velcro?

Hook and loop patches are just as strong as hook and loop fasteners created by Velcro. Hook and loop patches use a heavy gauge of material, giving them superior durability and strength. They also have a high adhesive grade, making them reliable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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When Should I Choose a Hook and Loop Patch?

There are many occasions when this kind of patch would be a good choice. Some of the most common uses for a hook and loop patch include:

  • Military
  • Police and security
  • Emergency medical professionals
  • Outdoor activities
  • Everyday items
  • Sports teams
  • Sewing projects

Military Patches

Hook and loop patches are an excellent option for military personnel who must add custom insignia or decorations to their uniforms or gear. Such patches come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and they hold up well against outdoor elements like rain, snow, sun exposure, and more, all of which active officers may come into contact with.

Police and Security Patches

Hook and loop patches are also popular in police and security departments and work well to display department unit numbers on uniforms. Plus, their easy application process saves time and makes it simple to switch out patches as needed depending on the job at hand.

Emergency Medical Professionals Patches

When medical professionals need to display credentials or certifications, these patches can easily attach and detach as required for different tasks.

Outdoor Activities Patches

Hook and loop patches are perfect for outdoor activity gear due to their durable construction and water-resistant adhesive backing. With these patches, you can add some personality to your tent, camping backpack, or equipment gear and swap them out as you find new ones.

Everyday Items

These patches are also great for everyday items like backpacks, lunch bags, luggage, or even hats, shirts, jackets, and shoes. They can easily attach to any material and won’t come off until you want them to!

Sports Team Patches

A hook and loop patch is the perfect solution if your sports team needs uniform embellishments. Since they’re removable, you can switch out team members or update your uniforms as the team changes.

Sewing Projects

Hook and loop patches are a great option for any sewing project you may have in mind. Whether you’re looking to add a unique touch to a dress, pants, skirt, or shirt, this patch can be easily attached to almost any type of fabric by sewing or using adhesive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Attach a Hook and Loop Patch?

It’s simple! Remove the adhesive’s protective layer on the loop side (or sew this portion onto your base material if the patch doesn’t include a built-in adhesive) and secure it to the base material. Then, press the hook side of the patch into the loops until it feels secure.

Can You Sew on a Hook and Loop Patch?

Yes, you can sew the loop side of the patch to your base material for a more permanent solution. This is an ideal way to attach your decorations for items like clothing or leather accessories.

Are Hook and Loop Patches Waterproof?

While not necessarily advertised as waterproof, these decorative patches work well whether they are wet or dry, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.

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At The/Studio, we offer custom-made hook and loop patches that are perfect for your many needs. From sports teams to military personnel, we can ensure you have the ideal patch to fit your design goals. Plus, our experienced design team will work with you every step of the way to guarantee that your patch looks precisely how you envision it, from napkin design to the finished product. Contact us or get started with your design today!



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