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What’s The Difference Between a Mock-Up Sample and a Sewn-Out Sample


At Hero Patches we have a patch system in place that has created amazing custom patches, which have made our customers very happy.The secret to patch success is allowing our customers to view their custom emblems two times prior to receiving their actual order , that way our customers can be involved with the patch process every step of the way and they can be confident that their embroidered emblems are exactly what they envisioned. I am going to explain the two vital steps that ensure your custom emblems turn out perfectly. The mock-up sample is your first glimpse at what your custom insignia will look like. Our artist creates a mock-up sample based on your design and concept. The mock- up is a digital sample , we provide a scale to show you how big your custom patch will be. We also provide your customer number , order number , percentage of embroidery used , version of the sample, backing options , special options , twill color and thread color. This gives you an opportunity to see exactly what you have ordered before we proceed to the next step, at this time you can add , edit or change anything you want. We can create as many mock-ups as needed until you approve it on our system. After and only when the mock-up is approved , we can proceed to the sewn-out sample. The sewn-out sample is an actual sewn -out of your custom embroidered patch. This gives you the opportunity to actually see what your custom patch will look like when it goes to production , you will be able to see any of the special options you requested and you will be able to see the exact twill and thread color. It is very important that you submit any edits before you approve the sewn-out sample. This is your final chance to correct anything before your emblems go to production. The two samples we provide to our customers are vital to the accuracy of the custom patch , we want our customers to be involved and secure with every step of the patch process. These are customized patches , so we take every precaution to make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they paid for and more. Below is an example of what a sewn-out sample looks like. Would anyone like to share their mock-up samples with? If so comment below and we will feature it on this blog as an example.




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